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  1. Another one...

    Congrats Jonas!
  2. Helpuppy on my ironman lmfao (btw)

    Nice Luke!
  3. Biggest Olympic Troll

    Saw this, personally don't mind and the olympians who perform at elite levels don't seem to mind either. She qualified by scoring enough points and earned her position regardless of the fact that she does not compete at an equivalent level to the other olympians.
  4. [Accepted]Seb's intro

    Not during my time
  5. [Accepted]Seb's intro

    Welcome to DF Seb
  6. Smashed it

  7. Divine Forces Friday Feeling

    Good shit guys
  8. New Blood

    Welcome to DF!
  9. 500M

    Omg you're still skilling after max.
  10. Putting tape over Laptop cam

    tinfoil man
  11. Divine Forces Rev Caves Feast

    That is a lot of loot. Nice job guys!
  12. Finnish savagery in action

    Pretty funny, good idea fins.