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  1. Aya513 Intro

    Welcome Aya
  2. madden intro ayyy

    Welcome back buddy! How is purewood doing?
  3. [Accepted]Hmm :thinking:

    Welcome back!
  4. Split or Steal?

    Stupid game.

    Yeah I listen to a lot of podcasts. Here is the list that I am currently subscribed to: Rich Roll Podcast No Such Thing As a Fish Running4Real Podcast The Moth The Dollop Oh, and can't forget "Serial". Season 1 was super good, was not as thrilled by season 2.
  6. 2 point 2 fucking K dude

    Still shit account. Train slayer.
  7. Do you enjoy cooking at home?

  8. xD

  9. Divine Forces Monday Mingle

    Was fun, good fight people
  10. Hello again

    Welcome back smix!
  11. 90 Hunter

    Grats Miles!!
  12. Still slayin

    Oh boy. Congrats!
  13. Heron Pet #3

    Grats!! @Frozen
  14. grats me haha pt 4

    Max next?
  15. What have you eaten today?

    berries n almonds
  16. we are farmers

    This one will be better for you
  17. The Shape of Water - 8/10
  18. Wich do you prefer

    Fortnite is more fun