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  1. u seen the new star wars yet?

    My friends are watching it tomorrow right after our physiology exam
  2. Divine Forces vs Elite Zerks

    Thanks for the fight EZ & CT(?) L00t
  3. "2 years too late"

  4. <3 Love you too bud! Thanks for watching
  5. 126 combat & fund raising campaign

    gz I have to grind to get 2k total too!
  6. Thanks for the fight VNG. Video coming up soon.
  7. Introduction Fietsenhok

    hey there, good luck!
  8. merchanterhero59

    I love flipping also. In fact I have over 100k of "STUFF" that will increase in price soon
  9. Bad Habits

    While driving? you're a danger on the road I can't think of any bad habits..probably procrastinating on my college stuff
  10. hey sorry wrong intro l0l

    Not a change
  11. Updated World Map 2017

    Typical American Shout-outs to my gringo friends who know Geography