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  1. Tommys intro

    You got an interesting story. Hi there.
  2. I single PK

    Murri joining Frontline soon
  3. Shit game #2

    MONI $
  4. Its Time

    ref because I assume you're Latino due to your last name.
  5. Ila161 HG app

    hey there
  6. madden intro ayyy

    I remember you, welcome back.
  7. Shit game

  8. Never gets old

    I love the fact that even at his young age he did not give a fuck about what the girl thought about the drawing. She even laughed deep inside.
  9. Arcane Prayer Scroll

    Yeah. I sold the arcane to buy full ancestral #poor life
  10. Hey

    Hello, welcome to our community Tom.
  11. Arcane Prayer Scroll

    Shitty split. I don't want to talk about it. Latinos lose again ~ NOT surprised.
  12. Aya513 Intro

    good luck chamo aya