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  1. I'd rather spectate
  2. I love P2P drama! Keep it coming
  3. I stand corrected, you're the corrupted kangaroo and CL wants u dead
  4. "I am not CL" You reminded to Bie Boe who was in Vitality and got kicked. In your case it was the same thing ! The resemblance! sick tankkk
  5. gz!
  6. I am not a RoT member, I am sorry to disappoint you.
  7. Thanks for the fight Ruin.
  8. african american -> omni
  9. I am busy fucking my Asian girl on Friday, probably going on Thursday, and spending my weekend doing 2 nursing assignments. Therefore, it's a no. gl though. I watch Torvesta's videos about DMM
  10. skiller
  11. double loot? wtf O_O
  12. hello, welcome to our forums! gender:male (confirmed) rip ross
  13. Clan:None #LONER
  14. standing out & blasting