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  1. Split or Steal?

  2. Split or Steal?

  3. Hmm :thinking:

    I remember you, welcome back!
  4. 99 trackstar

    skiller gz
  5. dragon pickaxe

    skiller gz
  6. Divine Forces Friday Night Out

    Thanks for the fight
  7. Avicii dies.

  8. Do you enjoy cooking at home?

    Nope, but it's better for me to cook my own food rather than spending my money on fast food.
  9. im fast as fuck boy

    skiller gz
  10. Dex

    11M split
  11. ty howie

    g z
  12. xD

    skiller gz
  13. Kodai Insignia

    nah! all or nothing !
  14. Kodai Insignia

    When there is a raid without guardians or mages, I bank pickaxe/salve amulet for the imbued cape However, I don't feel confident on raiding with 3 brews, I only raid with 4 minimum l3l.
  15. Stone of sadness

    what he said. I got my first when it was barely 800k. monii
  16. 2K18

  17. Hello again

    hey, wb.
  18. 2K18

    I am too lazy ~ fuck quests ~ I am here to do raids/pk