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  1. Do you pee in the shower

    i pee on my gf once by accident in the shower...
  2. 126 combat & fund raising campaign

    what the actual fuck im i looking at
  3. How do you eat Burger & Fries

    depends on my mood
  4. Bad Habits

    masturbating to gay porn
  5. Favorite Late Night Snack/Meal

    i want myself some @Sugarhugs as a snack
  6. Updated World Map 2017

    must be hard to post a simple image these days
  7. Pker men with little bit of salt mmmm

    just dont end up being like this guy that lost his ags to skill specs
  8. SuPeR aWeSoMe IrOnMaN

    a ironman stands alone so no need to share this rubbish
  9. result of me falling down the stairs

    better then pornhub
  10. Zybez Winter Tournament!

    dont forget to protect your IP 24/7
  11. Year of birth.

    you bad
  12. go outside and play in the snow
  13. no worries im sure north korea will bomb them