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  1. madden intro ayyy

  2. 100m Cooking

  3. Selling Sigs for RSGP

    already got the best possible signature
  4. Stuff that makes you feel supreme satisfaction

    being able to make my cum fly against the ceiling
  5. If only i was this lucky with pets on OSRS :(

    alleen seasonal voor de rewards en de rest gwn samen met de vriendin op non seasonal
  6. Building a Farm!

    do some diablo 3 instead
  7. If only i was this lucky with pets on OSRS :(

    how are you not in jail? @IMK
  8. my life is complete

    i cant wait to play osrs again and enjoy this amazing update to the fullest
  9. How many Revenants have you killed?

    need runescape membership for that feature
  10. THE RED WEDDING - Age of Empires Edition

    you can just download it for free for cheap homos like myself http://aoc.planetjustin.net/ also @ila161have these scrubs thought you the ways of hcccc?
  11. Revs Casual

    rich get richer
  12. Finnish savagery in action

  13. cant take any of it serious but gotta respect the amount of effort they put in for some propaganda
  14. Divine Forces loot filled Sunday

    gz on 99 fletching
  15. Mistakes!

    your parents consider you a mistake
  16. Run Forest, Run

    you are terrible at the game like @True , so congrats to whoever actually did it
  17. Which Potion & Why?

    invisibility, dont want anybody to see my ugly face for a hour
  18. Who got invites for mobile beta??

    a inactive homo like myself wont get a invite but im positive they gave multiple bot farms the ability to test their future mobile bot scripts
  19. How good/efficient is your account?

    105m total, all from afk methods/splashing/teamviewer
  20. Who's Forums?

    the forums that do not give away my ip for gp is the best forum
  21. Trip to Africa

    Africa is a amazing place to visit! LMFAO
  22. Pizzas & Pineapples: The Sequel

    food is food so yes