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  1. Ancestral Hat Trio

    Tu y tuyos amigos forasteros tienen mucha suerte Gracias!
  2. 99 Mining

    A little longer he said lmfao Gratz iron Jelle
  3. Dragon Harpoon Trio

    How much for the share?
  4. 91 Slayer

    Gratz Rene, u are awesome!
  5. Amigos

    Hola amigos
  6. After donkey years.

    Nice claw spec! Gratz!
  7. Staking

    Ahahahaa totally true!
  8. 100 kills <3

    Runescape or meeeeh
  9. Hi guys

    Nossa viadagem de volta
  10. Kq Pet!

    what a kc for that pet gratz on the pet and btw, 33 heads lmfao
  11. Monday GMT Sweep

    Just arrived home, I would like to have join you. What a trip, gj every1
  12. took my first drugs today

    You should try them more often, in special marijuana
  13. 1000 raids

    Holy accomplishment gratz
  14. Heron Pet

    Gratz forastero
  15. Gaming Computer/Laptop advice

    The concept of "gaming laptop" is quite contorvential. Quoting people above, the graphic card inserted in a laptop won't have the efficiency to dissipate the heat. And this combined with living maybe in a place with high temperature or low humidity will become a serious issue. If you plan only to play runescape (even if it is rs3) then a laptop will do the job (aim for a good chip, at least quadcore). In special if you travel alot or even if going to live away from home is part of your plans. If you pretend to multitask or serious gaming, then desktops for sure. They perform much better