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  1. Twisted Bow 4 Men

    Gracias forastero
  2. Dexterous prayer scroll

    I need one of those! Gratz
  3. 5 lvls until 1750 total

    Gratz on dat slay lvl
  4. 1st drop

    Were is da pics?
  5. Describe the person above you in one word

  6. My 180m cape

    gratz mate
  7. 20 more

    You must be looking to the 20 levels left for like forever eheheh gratz
  8. Annabelle 2

    Just went today to the pre-release of this movie, Annabelle 2. P.S: Be careful, this is a horror movie. Ticket in my hand after movie: My opinion, if you've watched previous The Conjuring and Annabelle, you will love the story behind this one
  9. Jeff HG app

    Welcome back, one of the best pvmers out there
  10. Where's Chris' pet this time

    Really nice luck in there, I never get lucky killing those
  11. 95 Mining

  12. Glory charging, decent money

    Lost moni from ags tho
  13. ipato gets bullied

    el patito ahaha
  14. What other games do you play besides Runescape?

    besides the real runescape, Runescape 3 and Hearthstone
  15. Iron gains

    Iron maiden gains! Gratz