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  1. Wasnt able to come here in time! We did pretty well
  2. Hey

    Oie viadagem Welcome aboard <3 Muito bom ver vc por ai vey, é nóis qui voa bruxaum!
  3. aww man. I miss those days when there were like +100 clans to fight with. And poison had that easy joke of anti poison hope them return asap
  4. totally smoked them up!
  5. Thats why i'm always planting them. Btw, rip di
  6. I'm enjoying alot this CJ cup! looking for more asap! Gj every1
  7. I wish I wasnt working until late today, I wish I was there to help smack them up! Gratz everyone on the great performance!
  8. Totally a king in the north gratz!
  9. Really relaxing music amigo, enjoyed it. And that massacre... ehehe
  10. Nice vid
  11. Welcome back and happy easter
  12. In the end he was sad curtis but that little kid was really nasty and nasty is the way those parents raised him with unhealthy lifestyle and not a bit of authority or rules for him. btw, didnt enjoy also that she was "beating up" food on the yard, not healthy food but there is still people starving out there (in special for bacon and chicken nuggets ehehe)
  13. Thats how you get to be really lucky ehehe gratz
  14. These gifs have been really nice eheheh Nice performance we had, gratz every1