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  1. My first 99 too ehehehe Parabéns caralho!
  2. Never saw that before gratz on da scroll!
  3. RIP Downfall, you fell really down now
  4. I'm going for a wide, still didnt pick one but will in the next few days. Then, I might buy a second wide later
  5. Well done job!
  6. Lured, but still not bad
  7. Well, I'm doing this great investment in a new desktop but I have this question stuck for too long, I've talked to many people, read many things about it and I idk. Btw, the candidates for each screens are the following: Asus VG245H: 24' 16:9, 1080p, 75Hz FreeSync, 1ms LG 29UM58-P: 29' 21:9, 1080p, 75Hz, FlickerSave IPS, 5ms Now, If it was your decision, what would you pick?
  8. I would force in and out if they are old or large, if not, I have to untie at the moment I need to put them on
  9. And an unfortunate twisted bow the day after the competition But indeed, gratz everyone on this effort!
  10. Thats a very long but really good achievment! Gratz
  11. Nice share you guys had eheheh gratz!
  12. Parabéns vitinhow, eu te amo, vc é o meu ídolo! P.S: Ainda tenho um alguidar com água no meu quarto graças a vc kkkkkkkkkkk
  13. Really nice and enjoyful places to visit!