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  1. Ebola Boyz day out

    looked good
  2. DMM final plottwist

    rip 20k
  3. Aids raid = loot

    Still lol everytime
  4. 120 Runecrafting w/o vip guest "Symt"

  5. Extremely F'd Up

    Fair enough, But if you're going to be hiring people who are handling guns, would'nt you want a 100% or near perfect success rate. Fair enough saying "A few bad apples ruin it for everyone, so don't blame the majority" It's not hard to sack the "Bad apples" (the whole "Fk'ed up" title was about the guy getting off, as many seem to do.
  6. Extremely F'd Up

    Have you ever crawled before? while a 6 cops have guns pointed at you, telling you they'll shoot. But if you think "He put his hands near his pocket, therefore shoot the guy" is a valid reason for a "protect and serve" officer to shooy. Smh 6 cops, he's on the ground with his hands out, not hard to 1 pull out a less lethal weapon ie Tazer gun, or you know, go handcuff the guy. Merika. "just listen and you won't be shot" He was at his workplace...If he wanted to "Get himself killed" Don't you think he wouldve just rushed the cops. Fyi: he is the son of the internal affairs investigator. Do you think that played any roll as into why he was let off?
  7. Extremely F'd Up

    Link: https://photographyisnotacrime.com/2017/12/arizona-cop-acquitted-in-shooting-death-of-daniel-shaver/ The video is so fucked up, Makes the dude crawl towards him/then shoots him. If you defend the cop you're a cunt (Video is down the bottom of the site if you want to watch it) "The Arizona cop who shot and killed an unarmed man begging not to be killed was found not guilty today. A jury acquitted Philip Brailsford of both second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter. He was facing up to 25 years in prison. Brailsford claimed he was in fear for his life, thinking Daniel Shaver was reaching for a gun, even though five other officers at the scene held their fire. Mesa police were responding to a call at the LaQuinta Inn about a man pointing a gun out of an upstairs window on January 18, 2016. Shaver, who was in the pest control business, was actually holding a pellet gun, showing it off to a new acquaintance he had met"
  8. Sapers Intro

  9. "Fellow Kids"

    Still one of the best moments on tv. also...He's holding two skateboards lmfao
  10. Mobile

    i use my mob for porn soz not soz
  11. Bit coin at 16k

    Know someone who put in about 5k when they were $33-40 each. Got mine early too
  12. BTC update

    16.1 now. Doesnt matter if it busts for me anoymore. Been selling 1 ever time i double my original input.