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  1. FTW! Team Trinity and Sanity

    1:09 - 1:18, We interrupt this broadcast for a msg from our sponsors.
  2. Ethereum/Bitcoin

    same old
  3. Ethereum/Bitcoin

    Bitcoin: 2925.31 Australian Dollar (When it first appeared on the market it was $5-20, averaged $500-800 for 4months) Currently going up, Predictions are suggesting $5000 by the end of next month Ethereum: 309.78. Appeared on the market at 2, Currently growing faster then bitcoin did. Suggestion: Buy Ethereum <3 Thoughts ?
  4. So 4months ago, I posted a topic suggesting members who want to make some money get on the BTC train. They were $2650>2800 then. Currently they're $9922. (Before all the people reply "Its un certain, the bubble can blow and you'll lose money) - People said that when they were $300. Look how much those people missed out on 6k+ in 4months. Also for any Crypto traders, this is a good site for real time exg: https://bitcoinwisdom.com/ Next suggesiton if you want to make some quick bucks at lower risk: Syscoin is currently only $0.23c per Coin. Meant to explode next year when crypto goes mainstream in 2018 (Also lastmonth IBM announced they'll be expanding into BTC Topic: For some reason it won't let me link the topic but its: /topic/9270 (Also Btc is only 1% of the worlds market at the moment. 2018 is the year Crypto will go mainstream/Central banks will start accepting/exchanging it, I suggest you get in now, or atleast buy in on some Litecoin/Alt coins)
  5. Bitcoin Topic 2, click for lolz

    ? Sold mine at $18k Aussie <3 bought 6000 R @ 7 cents, sold at $2.80. Feelsgoodman. Hope Rs is going good for you
  6. Who's Forums?

    Sorrow of Knights

    So...Me and some mates were wondering what ever happened to one of my old clan's, So I jumped onto their Discord to see who was online, And I noticed one of the members was playing a game that looked a little bit suss.. I'm assuming he doesn't know Discord shows everyone what game you're running lol
  8. What to Remove?

    "Cap" Fight winners are 90% of the time determined on who has the most member standing at the end. I think thats flawed. They need to re introduce (They being clans) tracking K/D again. I remember reading TT vs RSD topics etc and seeing "Rsd 120 deaths, 200 kills" "TT 125 deaths 170 kills" etc, and the winner was determined by that. It stops people bringing rag aswell they will actually want to tank/outlast. Would also be nice to see clans that are "Beefing" stop and clear any 3rd party clan crashing a hit. Even if all three clans are doing a random P2P pk, which ever two clans initiate the fight and 3rd should just kill randoms/people in rag. (No doubt a 4th clan will come out for #3 to fight). Also a brand new Zybez with an entire new mod system would be nice. The Biased members/admin on that forum is getting bad: Everybody is sitting around saying, 'Well, jeez, we need somebody to solve this problem of bias.' That somebody is us. We all have to try to figure out a better way to get along" Wilma Mankiller. At the end of the day, Any clan can claim #1 and generally be it but other clans will just deny it, Vicious circle that only gets sorted during a Jagex Cup when a clan can claim true bragging rights. So maybe that would be something else, Fuck P2P Trip topics off because both clans end up posting win topics ever other week, It would be nice to see more CWA fights, at least that actually has a "scoreboard" that is hard to deny getting steamrolled. As for the "What would you remove from the clanworld" probably immaturity. Anyways bye again
  9. BTC update

    Bitcoin still rising. Will hit 15k (Currently 14.6k) in about 11 hours Topic 2 if you want more info: just copy paste this> Topic/11940
  10. Ebola Boyz day out

    looked good
  11. DMM final plottwist

    rip 20k
  12. Aids raid = loot

    Still lol everytime
  13. Extremely F'd Up

    Link: https://photographyisnotacrime.com/2017/12/arizona-cop-acquitted-in-shooting-death-of-daniel-shaver/ The video is so fucked up, Makes the dude crawl towards him/then shoots him. If you defend the cop you're a cunt (Video is down the bottom of the site if you want to watch it) "The Arizona cop who shot and killed an unarmed man begging not to be killed was found not guilty today. A jury acquitted Philip Brailsford of both second-degree murder and reckless manslaughter. He was facing up to 25 years in prison. Brailsford claimed he was in fear for his life, thinking Daniel Shaver was reaching for a gun, even though five other officers at the scene held their fire. Mesa police were responding to a call at the LaQuinta Inn about a man pointing a gun out of an upstairs window on January 18, 2016. Shaver, who was in the pest control business, was actually holding a pellet gun, showing it off to a new acquaintance he had met"
  14. Extremely F'd Up

    Fair enough, But if you're going to be hiring people who are handling guns, would'nt you want a 100% or near perfect success rate. Fair enough saying "A few bad apples ruin it for everyone, so don't blame the majority" It's not hard to sack the "Bad apples" (the whole "Fk'ed up" title was about the guy getting off, as many seem to do.
  15. Extremely F'd Up

    Have you ever crawled before? while a 6 cops have guns pointed at you, telling you they'll shoot. But if you think "He put his hands near his pocket, therefore shoot the guy" is a valid reason for a "protect and serve" officer to shooy. Smh 6 cops, he's on the ground with his hands out, not hard to 1 pull out a less lethal weapon ie Tazer gun, or you know, go handcuff the guy. Merika. "just listen and you won't be shot" He was at his workplace...If he wanted to "Get himself killed" Don't you think he wouldve just rushed the cops. Fyi: he is the son of the internal affairs investigator. Do you think that played any roll as into why he was let off?
  16. Sapers Intro

  17. "Fellow Kids"

    Still one of the best moments on tv. also...He's holding two skateboards lmfao
  18. Mobile

    i use my mob for porn soz not soz
  19. Bit coin at 16k

    Know someone who put in about 5k when they were $33-40 each. Got mine early too
  20. BTC update

    16.1 now. Doesnt matter if it busts for me anoymore. Been selling 1 ever time i double my original input.
  21. So..