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  1. Tangleroot

    very nice, Great success
  2. This is great

    Love the british <3 Nothing is better then seeing some cops crash tackle some SJW 1:09 in particular
  3. wow

  4. 100m Total

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  6. 1750 Total

  7. So I had a dream...

  8. 1750 Total

    Logged in their b4. Feelsgoodman
  9. Its me Chin

    Welcome back
  10. Big skiller w0w

  11. Would you sign a prenup?

    These Ho's aint loyal
  12. Divine Forces Friday Night PK

    Was fun, got my weekly rohan/rene flames in too. Thanks for the fight
  13. LoL Worlds 2017

    I'll win
  14. Funniest thing ive seen all day

    He didnt? It was a hand held taser (Not a gun taser) He was checking/testing it before going in/Thats why you see him with the taser on his back while he puts the handcuffs on The noise just made him scream,kind of warned him too <3
  15. Funniest thing ive seen all day

    "Whats my safe word"
  16. Boy/Girl Scouts

    Boy scouts will now be accepting girls. Thoughts? LINK: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/354944-boy-scouts-to-admit-girls-into-programs
  17. Some Valid Points http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/video/1069521475881/Ex-USA-players-epic-rant-after-WC-elimination
  18. 92 Slayer

    half way
  19. Thoughts?

    So in Australia we're currently having a vote on Gay Marriage and if it should be legalized Came across this quote form Heath Ledger
  20. Europes been having Hurricanes for years, in the form of Refugees.
  21. Racist field trip

    Seen this so many times. Always funny