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  1. Classic Jagex: Max Cash Bug

    Jagex do a good job. Lay off
  2. DF P2P PK 5/21/18

    This isnt raids....
  3. big raids drop

  4. 177 left until Virgin Island

  5. 100m Cooking

  6. Divine Forces Nighttime Adventures

    Gf @ revs. Easy
  7. Bushworld Adventure

  8. Dex

    [Updated]moved to pvm thread
  9. [Updated] Happy Easter

    8am, Already had 2 chocolates <3 Happy Easter
  10. jetters

  11. VR Bar Fight

    Not going to lie, was expecting a Rl video with Cera getting sucker punched. Nice video though
  12. Made a start

    do it in the 3rd floor of stronghold of security, with iron knives. Easy 14k per hour
  13. New COD announced!

    Fair call. I stand corrected
  14. New COD announced!

    It made $1Billion + Hardly a failure.
  15. Gagged

  16. [Updated]Dags

  17. Wildlife Warrior

    -Shit Video Quality -HyperCam -Good message though/speech. 12 years it's been He was a True legend, sick cunt. (1 min video)
  18. Who in/around DF have you known the longest?

    8 years :).
  19. How important is postcount?

    Wack 3 years ago: "I really want to make Vlogs about runescape, fun entertaining that will engage the clan community and get them thinking." Wack now: "Fuck, what to talk about,,,,ya'll care about post count?"
  20. FTW! Team Trinity and Sanity

    1:09 - 1:18, We interrupt this broadcast for a msg from our sponsors.
  21. Ethereum/Bitcoin

    same old