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  1. Helloooo
  2. Whats up Murray i remember you
  3. Thanks!
  4. Aw ok hopefully i run into him somewhere on the forums
  5. Hey guys thanks for the welcome
  6. ^^^^^^
  7. Hello Rohan
  8. Hey what's up
  9. Thanks! Glad to see ya too bro
  10. Thanks dude appreciate the welcome
  11. I love the signature dude
  12. Na dude only reason why the current RS name is EOS Kyle is because my brother used my account to play on it after i quit in 2009 I dont know how long he was there for but I never had any relations what so ever with anyone in that clan forgot to mention that in the intro but wsup
  13. Hey wsup @ghetto thank you will do
  14. Or any of my old friends from SE
  15. If anyone has information on how Roel is doing that would be great!