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  1. "Who Remembers When"

  2. Happy birthday to little Mogga

    Suomi perkele, congrats.
  3. Best Film you saw this year?

    Probably Dallas Buyers Club.
  4. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    Imagine having one of your company employees participating in an event, that is hosted by said company, and has money prizes.
  5. stranger things

    I tried getting into that show but just couldn't. Had to give up a few episodes in on season 1. Felt like I was watching a show designed for 13-18 year old audience and it just didn't appeal to me, or was pretty cringy/ dumb at points. I did actually want to know the story but it was just unbearable to watch.
  6. Forsaken closes

    Can you really "close" when you have been a community clan for a year?
  7. Downfall has met their....Downfall.

    Imagine thinking that avoiding the only clan that gives you constant fights will be good for your health.
  8. Q3 wuu2 lmfao

    Hit me up for some raids, ye
  9. First thing you look for?

    Has to have a sense of intelligence in her face. I could never be bothered with a girl that knows more brands of lipsticks than country capitals.
  10. Cleveland vs Golden State

    Hopefully cavs, fuck that bitch ass nigga durant.
  11. Checkmate

    Wonder how it felt to be in a clan that sucked someones dick for so long, and not even have the satisfaction of standing up for yourself at the end. They have literally been rots recruit training ground for a good year before finally succumbing to despair.
  12. Before Matrix Posts

    Would never watch him purely because of the type of following he has. He is at the top when it comes to attracting borderline autistic kids.