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  1. [Declined]topic Dragao Raro2

    lol but u can talk english i dont understand you
  2. [Declined]topic Dragao Raro2

    dude i post this cause i think is clan p2p too more late have some guys say me you wanna one pic with 20k set f runes dude?or you wanna buy gold?so they criticize and I bet many do not have bank. GL guys
  3. [Declined]topic Dragao Raro2

    boas victor é vim para um ambiente diferente ja ha anos que n entrava em mais nenhum clan pra ser vamos la TY <3
  4. [Declined]topic Dragao Raro2

    yes but vladi said it would start p2p
  5. . What is your current Display Name? -Dragao Raro2 2. List all your previous Display Names -f M s , Dragao Raro2 3. Post a picture of your Stats & Combat level (if you are a low level, we expect you train hard during ur IG/FA period) - 4. What timezone are you in? -GMT 5. List all your previous clans/team briefly -TugasRevolution , Wilderland , Black Knights 6. List all DF members you currently know and how long you've know them for. -Vladi x 7. As an intro it is important to integrate with the community. Do you have IRC and Teamspeak installed? On a sidenote: Be in True 2k8 clan chat when you're online. -Yes i have Installed 8. Tell us a little about yourself -Hi my name is André i have 23 years old 9. How did you find us? -my friend Vladi x tell me about the clan 10. Are you ready for warring? (gear/stats/experience/knowledge about 07-warring-styles) - 11. Estimate the time it will take you to be ready to apply for FA? (Minimum 1 week - community integration) -Yes 12. Is there anything else you would like to add? -No
  6. [Declined]SUP

    Hi im Dragao Raro2 i wanna join in Divine Forces i have 23 years old my name is André i play this game about 10 years rewards clan's TR BK WL SOG. Friends in this clan Vladi x - Markito Fly activity - every time Pvm - ON $$$ Thanks