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  1. Cooperstown, NY

    Ref dawg!
  2. intro

    Good luck bud
  3. Stephen Hawking dies

    The world just got dumber.
  4. Your Favorite Movie Soundtracks?

    I like the soundtrack from Star Wars EP III and the first Iron Man movie.
  5. [Updated]Can i join?

    good stuff
  6. Supreme Pet

    The pic had the PVM comp stuff on it, however it does not count and I got mad
  7. Supreme Pet

    just 111 LMFAO
  8. Supreme Pet

    Got this little guy today while doing me task.
  9. Who in/around DF have you known the longest?

    I've known @Victor for over a decade or a little more, and @True since he was in CR idk 2010 ? Also @Markito for longer than I would like to admit, also @Hockey since TT around 2011 meh there might be more people.
  10. A Salty Ducks Intro

    Sup Duck!
  11. [Updated]ARMADYL DROP

    Apply for HG you fag
  12. [Accepted]Hummy

    good luck!