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  1. 96 smithing

    Stacy's mom still got it going on.
  2. 2.2k total!!!

    well I finally just rushed it because yeah 2.2k btw went into 2.2k worlds at revs and everyone was skulled with mauls and shit so i left cba getting hit lolol
  3. 97 fletching

    got this while doing some raids with some cool cats.
  4. First tbow in my name

  5. 3 more

  6. couple levels

    just been smithing a lot and got a checky fletch lvl too
  7. 90 smithing

    gotta do em b4 i stake em
  8. meant to save it for later fuq

    grats lol
  9. Proper Alan Titchmarsh

  10. 90 smithing

    going hard on this pretty smooth now with the screen markers makes it hella easier.
  11. smither gainz

    working my right hand out
  12. A Couple Levels

    well the past day was kinda a catch up on xp day had a lot of lvls close to lvling up so got em.
  13. nice sara trip with kuli

    fletching the whole trip btw so not xp wasting
  14. nice sara trip with kuli

    wewt bank loot for easy and quick sara trip