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  1. sick loot is sick.... alice, imk, omni, spec, decca, and myself
  2. Ancest Top 6 Man

    sick loot
  3. Shard drop

    damn nice grats
  4. man of the jungle

    damn nice
  5. Trio ownage

    trio Arcane scroll Spec1kil, Niggersober, and me sick split was sick so we staked it and...... lost rip 8m chance #goonz
  6. Woot 99 pray!

  7. first rune dragon ever killed and first vissy in osrs for me lol
  8. Mining gainz

    wewt 80 mining
  9. Big owner

  10. Mining gainz

    its actually not bad once u unlock the top area in motherload mine its a lot more afk and more xp/hr
  11. Dragon Limbs

  12. sick drops at blue dragons

  13. Big Head

  14. First drop of 2k18

    Arcane sigil going to my mate 6 man split.... Alice, sheli, bab, saggy, my mate (conjure up) and me. 17.5m split
  15. New years loot

    easy money wewt
  16. New years loot

    ale of the gods
  17. Kq done

    Never need to go back to kq now got pet and finally this head wewt!
  18. SugarDaddy Omni

    Duo dex split omni and me 30.4m split juicy
  19. I'm done.

  20. 1 2 3 and 4!

    juicy 15m split