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  1. Gf Ruin
  2. 95 -> 99 Is the real struggle, GL
  3. The money that each of them gets from that fight is fucking disguisting.
  4. you're never gonna complete it though
  5. Think Juve is gonna take it
  6. There's a reason to why you were guested. Now please piss off.
  7. He seemed to be doing what I proposed, trying to get one of the spawned mobs to hit him instead of the wall. I guess he was just mispositioned in regard to the portal, and thus, got hit by the boss. The mechanics of the final boss seem very hard, and unforgiving. Looking forward to someone actually finishing it, revealing the mechanics.
  8. Didn't kill it though. Mechanically for the last boss fight, it appears you should constantly hide behind the shield, try to deal damage in between boss attacks. When boss spawns the ranger and mage, focus either to prevent them from killing the shield.
  9. Can we just appreciate that even Woox almost failed on the regular Jad? L0L (he got 95'd, then 95'd by the 3 j(D)ads)
  10. That triple jad phase looked so mentally straining, and then to realize you have to kill a 1200 hp boss that spawns both the magers and rangers that can 1 shot you, and if you don't stand behind the wall you get one-shot, AND then if you don't aggro the spawned mage and ranger, they kill your wall and you get 1 shot by the boss. AND, that's probably not even half of the mechanics of the final wave, + getting to the first jad is a challenge on its own.
  11. Apparently it's only OSRS, thus the processor.
  12. ^This
  13. Factory settings or dumpster, Cya in a couple weeks
  14. Easy money