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  1. You won like 700m I guess, but you got so damn lucky.
  2. 1. Good figure 2. Face 3. Personality 4. Intellect
  3. "WTF you looking at gloom?" His comment before he'd kick your teeth in
  4. Grats Eric
  5. Finally Bob
  6. Do something that you claim you do on a regular basis; studying.
  7. I honestly don't get how so many people dislike mushrooms and onions....ONIONS, YOU USE THEM IN FUCKING EVERYTHING.
  8. Liquorice I guess. Can't really think of any properly prepared food I dislike.
  9. So in theory you should get 1 bow/42 drops, 1 drop/5 raids in 7 mans (based roughtly on avg floor points). Good to know.
  10. TL;DR Would legit read my entire 500 page syllabus over instead of reading that post.
  11. When I initially made my account (13 - 14 years ago) I named myself Brann15. Brann, because it was the football team I played for; 15 because "Brann" was taken... Over the following years, I got the nickname Branflakez, so I changed my RSN to MrBranflakez, and then later to Branflakez when It became available.
  12. Gf SV
  13. You lucky fuck
  14. #Genderfavoritism