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  1. Wimbledon

    Nadal has momentum coming in but I think Fed will take it
  2. Help required

    Breaking Bad - Netflix all seasons Game of Thrones - HBO Better Call Saul - Netflix/AMC, Vikings - Amazon Prime
  3. What mode of transportation do you use?

  4. Do you tie your shoelaces before or after?

    on and off without undoing laces unless nice shoes
  5. Most riveting chats with IMK #12

    I believe in a higher power, a creator, meaning in the beginning there had to be something. I don't know that I'd call it God, and I don't believe in worship. I don't know whether we are capable of even understanding that higher power, whether that higher power still exists, etc. Things like Fermi paradox are interesting to me. Don't care what other people think or do as long as they're not starting shit over it
  6. Most riveting chats with IMK S02 E01

    med rare
  7. Kevin Love

    that's on lebron 2 minutes to go and you're up by 4, you end the game with Lebron going to the basket, drawing the contact and getting the free throws. Don't dump it out to Jefferson or whoever was out there to try to hit a 3, leave the ball in your best player's hands...
  8. hello

    max cmb -
  9. top 10 craziest anime battles ft woox

  10. punishment in U.S. against animal cruelty isn't severe enough, hope those dogs are ok
  11. Our tipping conversation

    20% if nothing bad, ~10% if bad, you'd have to be really bad for me not to tip you
  12. that guy doesn't believe in evolution. we have a vice president that doesn't believe in evolution and wants shock therapy to convert gay people. ya I would have walked out, fuck that guy
  13. WR Andrew Hawkins signs with Patriots

    that's insane + hopefully a healthy Gronk throughout the season
  14. My 1st Sleep Over