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  1. Disappointed that Federer isn't doing any clay at all, it could be easy for him, and meeting Nadal on clay would be the ultimate test of his career for sure. But I get what he's doing. Djokovic with Agassi will be interesting, not counting him out. Stan and Murray haven't looked very good, and I don't think they'll turn it around at the French. Zverev and Thiem definitely in the run, Kyrgios is good but too much of an idiot I got Rafa winning it.
  2. i've never had a gaming headset before, I think I'm gonna buy one... I want it to be bluetooth, and trying to see if I can find one under $40.00. what kind of headset do you have? do you like it? how much was it and can you link me?
  3. warriors in 7
  4. fuck no
  5. breaking bad game of thrones
  6. toilet paper is expensive if you use a lot per wipe. so, it depends. in public restroom, I wrap it around my hand like 8 times. at home, I do 3... any less than 3 and you are gambling..
  7. work x 5, weekend, work x 5, vacation
  8. it don't matter, gonna get swept in 4
  9. video???
  10. wuu2
  11. hats off for dead clans
  12. lol triggered