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  1. I swear people hating on their government is a topic that always comes up. What would you do without your government? You would find some other shit to complain about, people need to get a wake-up and start complaining about some other shit.
  2. lol why r u hg
  3. Pretty good at both games
  4. fag lol
  5. Mfw Woox was like 99% correct about the drop chance 3 months ago
  6. 2 bananas & coffee
  7. big owner duck
  8. Correct, you should only focus on styles & combat, once that's sorted you can focus on secondary skills
  9. 90s are good, don't worry about herblore until you have combat stats or styles
  10. hi
  11. but didn't you steal the idea from hunger games?
  12. 400m for a pet nice
  13. Just won our first 'big' online tournament with my boys and I, played against some other team that is rated top 8-12 in EU. In the end we won 4-2 and took the tournament and won €150 :-)
  14. Puess... muy bien mi amigo.