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  1. hey find a rope and hang urself like all the other ded clans idiot
  2. y'all suck that gay ass wood
  3. pretty gross going for xp past 99
  4. So is this supposed to be funny or just an autist trying to live without RC
  5. SteelSeries has some great quality products, headset and mice are kind of their trademarks I think Which SteelSeries do you have? Personally I have 2 Rivals; 300 & 100
  6. Just great for everything.
  7. I got mine for free by my sponsor lmao, it's pretty nice though. Steelseries Apex m-series, can recommend. Though I might be a bit biased since SteelSeries is a danish company.
  8. Not at all, I have 2 monitors, 1 is 60hz and another is 144hz. The gameplay difference is insane, the game is a lot smoother on the 144hz, and in general is much better for gaming.
  9. get a 16:9 144hz doesn't matter what brand, just do NOT get under 120hz
  10. Forget that you ever existed
  11. Eh, that guy is the worst example of why to skill.
  12. House of Cards had a crazy season. Lucifer ended on a cliffhanger that'll kill me for several months. Person of Interest will always be my favorite show, but CBS decide to fuck them over and end it. Currently almost done with rewatching Breaking Bad, but also starting on GoT again. Currently watching on a couple of shows. The OA, Stranger Things and The Defenders from Netflix.
  13. Jesus, those are the crown jewels. So many memories, unreal.