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  1. Sansa and Ayras relationship are starting to piss me off. Shit doesn't need to have airtime. Should've given us some steamy scene in that bed of Jon's init. Tbf though, finales is going to be crazy, things are moving so fast in this season compared to the previous. While that might be good, it also takes away more in-depth relationships that are far more interesting (ie. Jon & Dany). Looking forward to the finale, but disappointed we'll have to wait another year before we have this shit again. I do hope the last season will be 60-90 min per episode. I could see HBO do a 2 hour finale though.
  2. <><

    big owner if u tell me
  3. Annabelle 2

    yeh rather watch Baywatch or some shitty 80s show than this crap lol
  4. GOT spoilers: behind the scenes S7 ep4

    top 5 episode of all tv init
  5. Mad maxed kid rofl

    Tbf he has a point about the content being added, shit is legit sad. They're fucking 20 people now and all they can come up with are some content that dies after a month or so.
  6. 2 right now, but learning Spanish. I can understand most dialect in; Swedish Norwegian German Spanish
  7. Now cook it!

    Clan:Stfu Korneel fgt
  8. first pet

    Didn't work before, now it does. *cough* by 1 minute ago EditedRileyReid *cough*
  9. first pet

    The picture doesn't work, but congrats
  10. Eggs and pasta.
  11. Weird Food Combinations?

    White beard with ketchup and roasted onions. sooo good.
  12. Finally, some titties man good shit all that mattered TL;DR.
  13. Flynn :-DD

    SPice of tea
  14. Hi (stfu Korneel)

    God damn ur bad a CS:GO
  15. Diablo 3 - Season 11

    Anyone interested in playing?