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  1. "Who Remembers When"

    that eos kid that returned with a mith axe, upgrading it to addy, then rune, and finally finding some gear for about 3 hrs.
  2. Ely spikes

    Hey y'all. I was looking through some of the prices on osbuddy and a couple of times in the last month, the ely seemed to have spiked. Any particular tweets, updates or anything coming that will indicate it's good to hold onto? Anyway hope you're all owning the rev caves, I've seen a couple of tweets saying it's worse than zulrah with GP being pumped into the game.
  3. just the resident gardener

    much xp much tree much gp
  4. The bruv within.

    u're nutty
  5. good times

    decent christmas meal
  6. Favorite Late Night Snack/Meal

    Leftovers or just water
  7. LoL Worlds 2017 SKT vs SSG

    lets tris ult adc away every teamfight cause that'll work
  8. Inferno Cape

  9. Will Grigg's on fire

    99 fm in 2k17
  10. BenQ gaming monitor

    27' is way too big for my taste, I would go with a 144hz 24'
  11. 2 bows in 10 kc

  12. Budapest Brothers

    Come to Denmark next ye?
  13. Incest is a huge part of GoT, idk why some of you seem surprised, but it is known for keeping the bloodline 'pure'. Big question for me is, will Tyrion feel threated by the Jon? Will he ever know the truth. I mean there's so many questions and only 6 episodes to find out. @IMKDo you know when the next season is set to be aired?