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  1. Split or Steal?

    Steal is the logic play, split is the heart play. What you pick doesn't matter, but you need to be able to convince the other person to choose split. I don't know if it's against the gameshow rules but I'd probably tell them straight up "I'm going to choose steal, I will give you half if you choose split, otherwise we both lose." Also, never trust a woman.
  2. Do you enjoy cooking at home?

    Can't cook anything that's what females are for
  3. Looks like its daddy Congrats
  4. should I invest in weed stocks?

    Cheeky bump Joe Kennedy, a famous rich guy in his day, exited the stock market in timely fashion after a shoeshine boy gave him some stock tips. He figured that when the shoeshine boys have tips, the market is too popular for its own good, a theory also advanced by Bernard Baruch, another vested interest who described the scene before the big Crash: "Taxi drivers told you what to buy. The shoeshine boy could give you a summary of the day's financial news as he worked with rag and polish. An old beggar who regularly patrolled the street in front of my office now gave me tips and, I suppose, spent the money I and others gave him in the market. My cook had a brokerage account and followed the ticker closely. Her paper profits were quickly blown away in the gale of 1929." When bitcoin, weed stocks, or whatever hit mainstream media or a fucking runescape forum, it's time to get the fuck out not buy in.
  5. Amanda

  6. Stephen Hawking dies

    Very sad. Amazing that he lived as long as he did.
  7. Nice...
  8. the propaganda in this shit is hilarious

    Would creampie xNooblet after 8 shots