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  1. the propaganda in this shit is hilarious

    Would creampie xNooblet after 8 shots
  2. Which Potion & Why?

    Time travel for sure

    Grats dawg
  4. Who got invites for mobile beta??

    Guess it'd have helped if I didn't sign up through a fucking desktop
  5. Who got invites for mobile beta??

    Billing: Other
  6. should I invest in weed stocks?

    Have fun under-performing SPY
  7. should I invest in weed stocks?

    He doesn't
  8. GustavoFring

    Last kill of the comp
  9. GustavoFring

    Vorkath\Zulrah Best time: 01:12 Worst drop: Best drop: Rarest drop: Starting kills: Ending kills: 2131 Uniques: 1x Magic fang
  10. GustavoFring

    Sick loot
  11. GustavoFring

    Personal Best
  12. Murray

    I knew you liked giving head but damn
  13. I'm looking for an mp3 player of decent quality at a low price. Just need it for functionality. I tried some knock-off Chinese ipod but it didn't even come with a memory card, complete garbage. I was thinking of getting an old gen ipod on ebay for like $30 unless someone has another recommendation?
  14. Jagex favours retards etc

    Damn bro that's a nice one too, congrats
  15. Cheap mp3 player suggestions?

    ???? I need something to look gangsta while driving my 2-door hatchback
  16. Chronicflame

    does Jim still get a 5% royalty on all your earnings
  17. should I invest in weed stocks?

    You are a bit late on this. If you are going to do it at least don't be a retard by picking a single company. Invest in a weed ETF, that way you'll be certain to get stocks of the big players (whoever that will be - it's still up in the air atm). And if you buy, hold it for a long time since we could easily see a massive correction in the sector. If you can't stomach a potential 50% dip, don't bother buying
  18. Montreal Canadiens

    Lots of holes to fix. Pacioretty/Galchenyuk 42 gp 23 pts, Drouin 37 gp 19 pts. Not acceptable from the top forwards