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  1. Fuckin sad day boys
  2. Gz on 1-14 Srs though like Hockey said, if you actually watched the game you wouldn't be talking shit
  3. Heard you were an ironman is that true?
  4. Would you sign a prenup?

    No woman can be trusted
  5. BenQ gaming monitor

    24 inch for 220, 27 inch for 310. Is the 27 worth the price gap?
  6. BenQ gaming monitor

    It is for console gaming
  7. BenQ gaming monitor

  8. BenQ gaming monitor

    In terms of performance, does size matter?

    Is it bad I thought this was another mass shooting when I read the title?
  10. BenQ gaming monitor
  11. Racist field trip

    Holy shit didn't realize this was from 2010, I just saw it for the first time yesterday
  12. Vegas Mass Shooting

    Terror is associated with politically driven motive
  13. Vegas Mass Shooting

    So fucking senseless. It disturbs me that the guy was in his 60s...usually this shit is done by younger ones who don't know any better
  14. NHL 18

    Any niggas got this? I play G and looking for some EASHL teammates PS4
  15. NHL 18

    Who da fook is maywedda
  16. NHL 18

    I want to put Mete but I'll jinx it and he'll be traded for douchene
  17. Hugh Heffner Dies Age 91

    Drowned in pussy, what a legend
  18. Leafs body helpless Habs ft. Matthews hat trick

    Mete is here to save us
  19. The canes are giving away free tickets if anyone in the area is interested
  20. favorite take-out?

    A local fried chicken place (Omniusha approved)
  21. Budapest Brothers

    What is your dream job?
  22. Jon Jones tests positive for Steroids

    Dumb cunt lmfao
  23. Everything is Trump's fault bro