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  1. DONE

    Well done
  2. Best Of Jed

    RIP career what a fucking moron. Should have stuck to ripping off banned accounts.
  3. Divine Forces Friday Looties

    It's just free money at this point
  4. If you found a wallet on the ground..

    Return it as is
  5. Do you Smoke?

    Cigars and weed
  6. The end of an era [R.I.P 125.85]

    My name is Jonas I'm carrying the wheel Thanks for all you've shown us But this is how we feel Come sit next to me Pour yourself some tea Just like grandma made When we couldn't find sleep Things were better then Once but never again We've all left the den Let me tell you 'bout it The choo-choo train left right on time A ticket costs only your mind The driver said, 'Hey man, we go all the way' Of course we were willing to pay My name is Wepeel I gotta box full of your toys They're fresh out of batteries But they're still makin' noise (makin' noise) Tell me what to do Now the tank is dry Now this wheel is flat And you know what else? Guess what I received In the mail today Words of deep concern From my little brother The building's not going as he planned The foreman has injured his hand The dozer will not clear a path The driver swears he learned his math The workers are going home The workers are going home The workers are going home The workers are going home Yeah! The workers are going home The workers are going home The workers are going home Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! My name is Jonas
  7. Hey

  8. 50M Fishing Exp

    Nigga you crazy
  9. Naughty Newcastle

    Saggy lol legend
  10. Hey Guys

    My favorite milf I still have your Occult necklace 4 years later
  11. What's going on?

    Shit that's an old name Welcome back dawg
  12. Time to unload them at the colleges for 15c/pack
  13. Very important poll

    This is like comparing ketchup and steak
  14. Woo mtx woo

    Is that World of Warcraft
  15. Giant Squirrel

    About fucking time lmao grats
  16. PVP Changes Discussion

    The game was ruined long ago so who really gives a fuck
  17. What kind of milk do you like?

    Homo milk, 3.25%
  18. Fan Appreciation

    I want to fuck the ladies in the video, am I an official faggot now?
  19. Classic Jagex: Max Cash Bug

    Jesus H Christ.