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  1. Ty for ur kind encouragement
  2. I just do drugs cause it's easier
  3. Hope u shared a few lines with that amount Usually skip breakfast and go for brunch instead.
  4. My grandmother always used to call me a hell raiser so I just put a z on the end to make it look like I came up with the idea.
  5. Zerker & Warrior Ring from Rex earlier
  6. Need insane amount of followers to break a platform. Think it might hurt Twitch for a little while but they'll just promote someone else. Either way they'll (Twitch/Youtube) will be in a battle for awhile. Just another pawn in the chess game.
  7. I sense a felony charge
  8. First task after 91 Slayer
  9. As long as my smoke is lit
  10. I too am afraid of clan fighting, True just does not seem to understand our positions. Gz m8
  11. I joined the Rune Raiders remake lmfao Don't know exactly who you may remember or may of been friends with but there's still a few ex-RR lurking around in pure clans and the main scene as well.
  12. Oh my
  13. Just use mine for Smite right now. 2k occasionally
  14. Holy shit, I remember u