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  1. Lithuanians? We are dead for months, these random lithuanian kids have no clue what theyre doing. Grats on your night out tho
  2. Q3 wuu2 lmfao

    rip pet dream
  3. heck yes

    glad you finally got something
  4. DF vs Sovereign - CJ Tournament

    Well done, DF
  5. [CJ cup - ranged 20 v 20 VIDEO] DF defeats Poison

    Nice vid, old CJ range fights no movement looked more fun though
  6. Divine Forces vs Ellie-usive

    lmfao @ quotes about Fsk Good job, Df
  7. Lithuanians close their doors

    Was a good run, thanks for giving us fights
  8. not a raid virgin anymore

    3 kc and u get a drop... really jagex? gz tho
  9. 98 <><

  10. Some solo sara

    12 kc 2 hilts? holy shit ur lucky
  11. Fastest raid times?

    We had 23minutes floor with Liths before you could scout floors, now the best i've had was like 26mins i think.
  12. Divine Forces vs Fools

    was a sick battle, good fight