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  1. Q3 wuu2 lmfao

    rip pet dream
  2. heck yes

    glad you finally got something
  3. [CJ cup - ranged 20 v 20 VIDEO] DF defeats Poison

    Nice vid, old CJ range fights no movement looked more fun though
  4. Divine Forces vs Ellie-usive

    lmfao @ quotes about Fsk Good job, Df
  5. Lithuanians close their doors

    Was a good run, thanks for giving us fights
  6. not a raid virgin anymore

    3 kc and u get a drop... really jagex? gz tho
  7. 98 <><

  8. Some solo sara

    12 kc 2 hilts? holy shit ur lucky
  9. Fastest raid times?

    We had 23minutes floor with Liths before you could scout floors, now the best i've had was like 26mins i think.
  10. Divine Forces vs Fools

    was a sick battle, good fight