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  1. Stereomogga HG app

  2. FFA Scythe

    sik dude
  3. heaven, lord kill me
  4. england sweden

    Most boring game yet
  5. another day out another victory over the ENTIRE clanworld stay ez shitskins
  6. Time in the zone of nightmares

    out here grindin
  7. Drunk World Intro

    sup lad the only abuse here is when omni gets emotionally abused
  8. Woopers HG

    sure ill ref
  9. Remember when Jagex loved runescape?

    quote: "Imagine if they did start selling gp and items lmao" bonds
  10. Scythe of Viturrueurueruururur!@!

    Raid with df
  11. Scythe of vitur

    grats on loot
  12. Road trip advise pls Americans

    america has no culture
  13. was incredibly easy
  14. Divine Forces Annihilates VR 2x

    965 Kills while tribridding 0 deaths
  15. playing for a couple days again

    sup iBaldhead