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  1. How do you eat Burger & Fries

    fries first cuz even if im full im going purely on dedication for the burger then
  2. Frick yea baby

    Really glad you're in my clan
  3. Frick yea baby

    gratz on 2k pal
  4. Champions League & Europa League draw

    seems like a piece of cake for Bayern
  5. Hunny guest app

    ref, good luck pal
  6. Dinh's Bulwark

    Luke, the type of guy to ask a 2m split when it was agreed to stake sub 10m items
  7. [Accepted]Eli Introduction

    cherry coke? declined
  8. Dex

    With lilchris & Ekstra Shout out to my nigga @Jonas for the moral support
  9. Dex

    ur richer
  10. Dex

  11. Share is care

    ty for another dropparty pal
  12. BTC update

    shame i don't have some
  13. Hellooo

    dude you live in new mexico calm down imk, she's not 14 anymore he's actually mexican hi there
  14. Chopped some wood

    gratz ekstra pal

    big thanks
  16. So..

  17. Drop Party loot

  18. PATO

  19. hello gents

    Sup pal