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  1. now I feel really depressed. My life has been mediocre with many minor accomplishments. Yes, other people may have been happy, but ive been steering on auto-pilot since High School. Although looking back, I would say getting my dog, or anything making my family proud has made life worth-while.
  2. ohhh
  3. i had a 12 hour run in so im sure i played another 3 or so.... but i think i did something the rounds of that plenty of times.
  4. was cool
  5. Clans have been making quite the amount of bank loot off raids. I did not touch upon downfall, but they are actually Raidfall. They, along with Divine Forces, and Forsaken have been collecting impressive amounts of loots from raids. Has this been helping your communities? Do you think with the lack of wildy activity, there can be more creative ways to have competitions? What do you think?
  6. haha not anytime soon i think
  7. Di is a neutral clan except for Divine Forces? WTF is this? Good luck to them because Olde is pretty awesome so whatever they do to improve is needed. It sucks to see clans die but at the same time, it would be nice to see a real neutral clan for once? Vanguard? These zulrah updates rocked me. I love zulrah but now with the drops nerfed, I will have to stick to slayer. With the toxic feature gone with Serp helm, do you think this will have any effect on the clan world?
  8. wouldn't walk out. CBA to get up from the seat
  9. awesome job, looks like the embargo has not effected you. Gratz
  10. "DI is reopening as a neutral clan, with Divine Forces being the only exception. That crash war still lives on." they are not a neutral clan
  11. happy birthday! cookie #
  12. Title Speaks for itself #
  13. really thought they could survive anything. I am actually shocked #
  14. thought your name was the evolved form of zubat
  15. Dammed if I do Dammed if I don't