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  1. "DI is reopening as a neutral clan, with Divine Forces being the only exception. That crash war still lives on." they are not a neutral clan
  2. happy birthday! cookie #
  3. Title Speaks for itself #
  4. really thought they could survive anything. I am actually shocked #
  5. thought your name was the evolved form of zubat
  6. Dammed if I do Dammed if I don't
  7. Real life name: Paul Age: 28 Original & current RSN: boomerdabomb/Wacked Off/Wack Sparrpw/ C_I of Rum Clan history: Fear Our current leader Mikdan3 unfortunately went inactive. He was the man who had my back, unfortunately Badboy2007 someone who I did not get along with got promoted to council. The very day he got his promotion, he got me kicked for spying. Dark Slayers was another group of people who I came to known over the next couple of years. R Random, Albpeter and Mr Koolguy are some of the people who are in this very clan who I came to known. They know I would never spy on my own clan smile.gifValor I left in a rage from and one week later Valor closed its doorsLethal Blades January This clan was pretty chill but unfortunately we closed.The Hunters H Marvin was too unpredictable and Demonic Empire and Rune Raiders were wrecking us all day. We knew we would need to join a better clan in order to compete, and even more importantly, talk English. Fortunately, I knew a friend in a little clan called Echoes of Silence.Echoes of Silence My ties with EOS, well Prannoy were going downhill by the day. Following the mass bindings of Divine Forces leaders I was demoted and I left to Noobs Inc.Noobs Incorporated Overall, what lead to Noobs Inc demise was Jagex. Our bonds were strong, Anurag and Parko were two tough Canadians who brought another dimension that the Ni was remembered for. A progression that was killed by Jagex. Thank you!Knights of Order It was too bad I went inactive due to RL issues, but you guys were a genuine bunch of players who were too good for the clan world. Thank you for the small amount of bliss, but it was worth an experience compared to any clan I've been in.Rune Raiders These group of friends were probably the closest people that I have met since my rivalry with them in Echoes of Silence but we just loved to mess around. We did not take the game seriously, and just wanted to pk together. Again, another experience that I was happen to have.Echoes of Silence 18 Introductions. The new era that I was not apart of. I was an outsider looking in. Expecting nothing to change, but this clan was not the clan I have known to love. All I wanted to do was watch Smallville. Got kicked after fighting boring ass titans for 2 hours. If we won, probably wouldn't of got kicked.The Rising Sadly, Sooz closed The Rising. Many of us were not ready, we knew we still had plenty of fight. The last moments were spent with Des Troyer, a friend who I am forever thankful to have come across. It would be another 3 years until I logged on to this game.07 ScapeTHE- The began to change form, but only to make matters worse, ex-The Rising started come out of the cracks and a remake was imminent.The Rising The wooden shield was the final straw. Why sacrifice magic bonus? All I needed was focus and Maging in CWA would be finally mastered. A bid adieu my brothers! Divine Kings - Too unstable, even for me l0l Ronin - Still in them, what a roller coaster! Awesome people, and enjoy talking to them # Interests & Hobbies: Runescape, Eating Skittles, making Rs Vids. Started making the vids because I saw Zybez CD dying away talking about the same stuff so I decided to change it up for once. Pretty much all I do. I used to work out quite a bit but stopped ever since work but ill head back eventually, will even go swimming once it warms up a bit. On runescape, I enjoy doing slayer and zulrah. I never raided before but I got to get my skills up. Im usually on during the week and at nights. The slayer grind is real, but wondering when ill get bored and move on to the next thing. I hop to different CCs now and then Reason for introduction: I feel like I am all over the place with you guys as a group. One day we cool, the next we hate each other. A love hate relationship I guess. Honestly, I just like to hang out with people and talk. Not going to lie, I am an attention whore and enjoy talking to many people. Where did you hear about us from?: Way back in the day when I was in Fear. We ran into you guys every now and then. Feel like I know most of you guys already though # Anything else? Not sure?
  8. gz
  9. was friends with Olde Nite, R Random, Albpeter and Yoda. Plus, I thought the P2P action would get my brother to play again. He started pking with Alb and his friends from Di every now and then, but once Ashley started bashing my app, it was kind of bush to be honest. Paul was cool though l0l
  10. wanted his opinion to be honest lol he takes the time to provide decent input on any topic to be honest instead of role playing
  11. dont know how since i only upload through tablet lol
  12. agreed lol
  13. Back in the day, Divine Forces used to be the RS Police along with Eternal Honor clashing Ni whenever we stepped into the wilderness. Now it appears the roles have switched and Reign of Terror is now policing the clan world into their standard. Divine Forces back then after Dark Slayers closed became the RS Police. It was pretty rough having them anti-crash but back in the day it was better off the for clans having their war. For us in Noobs Inc, it was pretty rough but at the same time it was flattering having them be our adversary and definitely made us a better group in the long run. At this point I do not really know how this crash war started, it is due to my laziness but I would like what you guys think about having a RS Police and how this actually started. l0l
  14. The Americans closed TNC Og Loc 69 #