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  1. Eruption of Mains!

    Could we see Zybez vs Sharkbrew? I love this idea if purée are willing to use mains. What do you think?
  2. Zybez Winter Tournament!

    I hope this will be a good time to enjoy CWA and find out if there will be any Christmas surprises. It would be nice if there were more clans but hopefully there will be less drama. Who am I kidding? Seeing clans who normally wouldn't fight each other, serves as a nice barometer and see how far some of these clans have come. I can not wait to see who I'll be forced to fight in this years tournament!
  3. Showcase - Markito

    I personally want to do a showcase every so often on someone in the community who you would like to give a shout out too. Feel free and send me a message on zybez/these boards and write up some information on someone who you would like for me to highlight. It can even be about yourself. I will try to include as much as I can. Personally, I am not too great at these so I may need a few to get used to it. Who would you like to showcase in your clan/clanworld? Markito has been apart of our community for quite some time. He always has something to say, but at times I think google translate does not do him justice. It even takes me a quite a bit of re reads to figure out what he means, but he does have the best intentions at heart. Thanks Markito for the fun times <3
  4. What will it take?

    why do you feel this way? thanks for watching lol
  5. What will it take?

    I think this would be awesome. Can you ever see this happening?
  6. An Empty Wilderness

    I think that you guys will not be able to win, but you are certainly are able to make Rot not win.... Sorry to say it will take a pretty big commitment, which is pretty tough to ask the majority of you guys too partake in the effort.
  7. An Empty Wilderness

    why not camp DMM? I think if one thing Rot takes seriously the most is DMM. Would be nice to see you guys make the jump, then again, I CBA to do it myself lol
  8. An Empty Wilderness

    ROFL I Think the clan I forgot was actually you! Woops my bad # Why is the wilderness so inactive? I figure on a Sunday, it will be filled up with the 4 clans left in game. Yet, half of em decided to go to CWA because of whatever reasons. Probably scared ill be there crashing, but jokes aside, clans should be less reluctant to fight. Who cares if another clan were to lose, who care if the terms favor another side. Just get out there. Hopefully, Impact will not wither away because of the lack of action, and maybe someday clans will fight Divine Forces as well. Do we seriously need to wait until Fools to come back? I really do not understand, and pretty much gave up on the notion of it as well. P2P is sort of thriving but F2P is now a dinosaur but at least we have energy pots! Will the end of the embargo change activity at all?
  9. now I feel really depressed. My life has been mediocre with many minor accomplishments. Yes, other people may have been happy, but ive been steering on auto-pilot since High School. Although looking back, I would say getting my dog, or anything making my family proud has made life worth-while.
  10. First thing you look for?

  11. i had a 12 hour run in so im sure i played another 3 or so.... but i think i did something the rounds of that plenty of times.
  12. painting Subzero live

    was cool
  13. PVM Comps

    Clans have been making quite the amount of bank loot off raids. I did not touch upon downfall, but they are actually Raidfall. They, along with Divine Forces, and Forsaken have been collecting impressive amounts of loots from raids. Has this been helping your communities? Do you think with the lack of wildy activity, there can be more creative ways to have competitions? What do you think?
  14. Di/Updates

    haha not anytime soon i think