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  1. CWA Staking?

    Imagine cleaning another clan lol
  2. How important is postcount?

    thanks Lucas! How important is postcount? I also got scammed today too...
  3. Rev Cave Nerf!

    How has the nerf effected your clan? Do you think Jagex should create more content instead of nerfing wilderness activities?
  4. Mistakes!

    ffs y'all making me nervous. Ever make any mistakes? My apologies lol
  5. Round 3!

    Ending is cringe ffs
  6. What to Remove?

    Thanks IMK!
  7. A Surge of Activty?

    Will allowing some P2P weapons or spells into f2p help activty at all?
  8. Ayyy, small update

    I miss you
  9. The King os Br0zil

  10. Twisted Bow

    Nice, lots of yews will be cut
  11. Describe the person above you in one word