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  1. Bring a coat, comrade
  2. Sup

  3. People can say what they will about Brian (I have enough to say about him) but the decisions he made was because he had to. He realized early on the type of members he had. The type of officials he had. Those who weren't weak-willed were e-thug wannabes or admirers (how anyone can admire someone trying to act tough on RS, idk) and fit in too well with RoT, their methods, and their propaganda. He realized that his memberbase had become that similar to VR (the one exception here is that VR had 2 ppl at the helm who were too in-love with themselves to ever make the sacrifice of their pride like Brian did.) So there's no way this "new" DI wouldn't be a carbon copy of the old one. You can talk to a lot of ex-DI and what they say about DI and what it has become since DI switched sides again in mid/late 2015. That was when DI changed and when they officially stopped being a clan and had become quite literally (not figuratively) a puppet to RoT. I honestly have no idea who any of DI's officials are, but the way Brian acted towards the end it is obvious they were no one worth a damn. So the status quo will continue, just with a slightly weaker version of DI than we've seen (and one with somehow even uglier forums than their old ones.)
  4. Good luck
  5. An expected outcome. I now await for the fullout and you can invite 40 RoT to help you.
  6. The thing is, "problems" in countries like ours can be ignored. As long as a majority of the populace is comfortable (roof, food, clothes, gadgets like iphones and computers, etc) they don't really care what happens as long as it doesn't affect them (though it does, they just don't realize it.)
  7. Nothing yet, but I plan on making lasagna tonight (WITHOUT RICOTTA)
  8. I don't have any pets besides some fat cat @Sugar forced me to raise RNGesus does not bless me
  9. No, doesn't seem like my cup of tea
  10. You have to realize something about a good chunk of Republicans. A great many of them have no idea what Republicans do or what they stand for. They will continue to vote on every (R) on every ballot for 1 of 2 reasons (or both.) Guns & Abortion. As long as Democrats continue to push for more gun restrictions and abortion rights, a good chunk of (backwards) America will always denounce Democrats and vote Republican. Even for people like Trump. Now, while Florida isn't technically one of the most southern states (ideology wise, not geographically) it still has its fair share of hicks and and unreasonable cunts. And I know people personally (and I live in an urban area) who voted Trump for the very 2 reasons above. Trump doesn't have this huge following as most people (especially non-Americans) think they do. Places like The_Donald on Reddit and various trolls on Twitter might have you thinking otherwise, but it isn't the case. Trump won the presidency due to a few reasons: - As stated above, the GOP has brainwashed a huge chunk of their constituents to vote against their own benefit as long as guns stay untouched and abortions banned, thus always voting Republican no matter the candidate. - The strife among the DNC and millennials. The DNC robbed Bernie Sanders (a candidate whose only real flaw is that he was 74) of a fair fight in the primaries and gave in to the establishment and feminists who demand a female President and believe it is sexist to even vote against a woman. This caused a lot of people to either not vote (myself being one) in the general election or even voted against Hillary just out of spite. - Russia collaboration. I shouldn't need to go into this fully as it is everywhere in the news right now. But obviously, there are some nuts who actually believe in Trump and think he's a good President, but they are a small minority and most of them probably don't even care about Politics or the country itself, they just find the man himself to be amusing (which I think everyone does to an extent.) Recent headlines might have everyone hopeful but I don't think he will be getting impeached. Both Ryan (House) and McConnell (Senate) care more about undoing Obama's work and not admitting they fucked up then they do actually fixing the situation. And there's no way Pence and the cabinet will move to invoke the 25th. Ideally, we ride the rough wave until 2018 and Dems take back the House and the Senate and make Trump's work so much harder I could actually see him resigning and blaming the Democrats for ruining the country etc. A man can only hope, though.
  11. Game of Thrones. If I had to choose a show that is no longer airing, it would be Lost.
  12. Idk, but he's referring to some shitty pure clan that bent the knee bc 2 DF members were in it