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  1. Mining pet

    Death to Ironmen
  2. The universe

    What do you mean? God said there shall be light and there was light dude.
  3. Elder Maul

    I expected nothing less
  4. Divine Forces GMT ownage

    lots of loot tonight boys
  5. big dicc

  6. Unsure about the NK having one, but in the books Ice Dragons were a real thing (a long time ago, etc) that lived far north of the wall (in the White Waste). Like most magical things though, haven't been seen for thousands of years. But I guess he has his own kind of Ice Dragon now.
  7. The rapture

    Wb to rs dude. You've got a load road of adapting to this version of the game.
  8. I watched it 5 days ago when it leaked, but I still hear Viserion's gut-wrenching squeal as he was impaled. It haunts me.
  9. Di and Rot over?

    Not one of your better videos, but good to see you back dude.