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  1. pk28

  2. How important is postcount?

    Surely there are better things to make videos on (not that I have an idea, but yeah).
  3. DF mass raid twisted bow

    Glad I didn't go, would have been tilted to get yet another tbow in mass raid
  4. George felt it in his loins

    smite for free loot
  5. Wanted this since 2k06

    grats sonny
  6. Rev Cave Nerf!

    A lot of people are crying about Revs being nerfed. Most claiming that it has hurt PKing. To an extent I agree. It has damaged PKing. But the clan world? Not so much. One of the main things PKers always flame PvMers about is the endless grind of making more and more gp. It gets to a point where a PvMer has all the BiS gear and begs the question: Why do you still PvM when you don't need gp? So in an odd way this same situation has now come onto PKers. Rev PKing did nothing for clanning, only PKing. Were clans fighting? Not really. Any "fights" in Rev caves were trying to barrage one another out and it ended instantly with a clear or one side teleporting out. Just before the nerf every clan, team, and small group of friends were PKing in Revs with one thing in mind: PKing +1s and making money. Which in turn hurts the clan world. If no one is fighting, there is no competition. Instead clans are competing with meaningless gp earned. "Wow we made 1b today, you only made 800m hahahaha you fucking suck!!!" is the conclusion we were coming to. So in all honesty? Fuck Rev caves. Glad they're nerfed and hope no clan or team enters them again. Hope everyone returns to deep wilderness where actual fights can ensue.
  7. Which game should I purchase

    haven't played a console game since like GTA 4, so no idea
  8. 99 Pray

    Grats lad