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  1. imk

    Vorkath\Zulrah Best time: 00:00 Worst drop: Best drop: Rarest drop: Starting kills: Ending kills: Uniques:
  2. Association Game

  3. What tilts you irl?

    People walking down the middle of a busy sidewalk instead of one side, making either themselves or others stop to move around and create a mini queue. Come on people be civilized!!!!
  4. What have you eaten today?

    Had some poptarts @AR07
  5. Nothing can stop me.

  6. Band Game

  7. Made it to a month.

    Are you going to intro every month dude Edit: apparently this is an hg app. I'll offer a referral
  8. Nothing can stop me.

    Ok but why isn't it trimmed
  9. 95 and 96

    I love a nice clan meeting, grats
  10. 80 KMS

    Big gains dude
  11. DF P2P PK 1/16/18

    You sure do like being attacked Rene
  12. imagine having to call for help in 2018