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  1. New pet

    nice bingo retard
  2. The eye of sauron (Rene) scouted a few teams out in rev caves this afternoon so we massed up some men to head out and scrap. Ran into some small team initially but cleared them pretty quick. A bit later we found VR who we mopped up pretty quick as it seems like they weren't interested in a fight. Ran down on the same world and found 15 or so Avalon who teled out after 1-hitting several of their members. A bit later we ran into Wild Might and we finally got a fight out of someone. WM were doing pretty decent the first 5 minutes or so but once we got our people together and a few more on TS, the fight became one-sided pretty quickly. The fight ventured up into black dragons where it was pretty much a slaughter in our favor for a good 30 minutes. Props to WM for trying to stick it out, thanks for the battle gentlemen. After WM logged/ran off, we were heading down to tele when a massive stream team of 40 randoms in ballistas logged in and caught us with our pants down, but after catching several barrage piles we cleared them out pretty quick. Here be the footage:
  3. please do not make fun of the pvm nerds in my clan when I had to bare witness to you crying on TS when downfall came to osrs and made you choose downfall or divine forces (you chose divine forces btw, great clan) haha
  4. CT swarm to B piles like flies to shit I swear
  5. Are traps gay?

    Well.. if they still have their penis, yes. If snipped, no.
  6. @Rene & @Chronicflame are set for fucking life LMFAO
  7. Zybez Closing

    They should have treated LGBT people better