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  1. Simply post what song you're listening to right now. Example:
  2. Association Game

    The point of this topic is to post one word and have the next person post one word as well that associations with the previous word. For example: Post #1: Chicken Post #2: Eggs Ok, so start with: Water
  3. Band Game

    Basically you post a band that starts with the last letter of the band the person above you posted. This includes any bands/artists/etc. Example: Post #1: Slayer Post #2: Rihanna So I'll start off with: Savage Garden (Next post's band etc should start with N)
  4. What have you eaten today?

    Had a nutrigrain bar and some OJ for breakfast, missed lunch, then had some Roast Beef, Peas, and some bread for Dinner. What about you?
  5. (Rewatch) The Other Guys, 7.7/10 Great cast and hilarious, but shit story
  6. 2nd worst skill on this game

    Notify the committee
  7. 2nd worst skill on this game

    I'm a diary man
  8. Rate the song above

    Okay the idea of this topic is to listen to the last song posted rate it out of 10 (10 being best 0 being horrible) then post your own song. So I'll start off:
  9. Self-explanatory. If you were to post after me, you would obviously use a term like: Amazing, Legend, or Spectacular. Begin.
  10. intro

    Good luck
  11. Favourite Grapes?

  12. [Updated]Thx birdo

    oh fuck off dude
  13. For the DF deadman

    mage prayer, studded, and crossbows too OP smh
  14. Best sandwich meat?

    If we're talking cold cuts, then roast beef. Salami is my jam as well, but I feel like salami isn't a meat you can have by itself. It's something you add to another meat imo. If we're talking just regular meat though, probably chicken. I'm always cutting up leftover chicken and making a sandwich with it.