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  1. Simply post what song you're listening to right now. Example:
  2. Band Game

    Basically you post a band that starts with the last letter of the band the person above you posted. This includes any bands/artists/etc. Example: Post #1: Slayer Post #2: Rihanna So I'll start off with: Savage Garden (Next post's band etc should start with N)
  3. Association Game

    The point of this topic is to post one word and have the next person post one word as well that associations with the previous word. For example: Post #1: Chicken Post #2: Eggs Ok, so start with: Water
  4. imk

    Vorkath\Zulrah Best time: 00:00 Worst drop: Best drop: Rarest drop: Starting kills: Ending kills: Uniques:
  5. Self-explanatory. If you were to post after me, you would obviously use a term like: Amazing, Legend, or Spectacular. Begin.
  6. Association Game

  7. What have you eaten today?

    Had a nutrigrain bar and some OJ for breakfast, missed lunch, then had some Roast Beef, Peas, and some bread for Dinner. What about you?
  8. What tilts you irl?

    People walking down the middle of a busy sidewalk instead of one side, making either themselves or others stop to move around and create a mini queue. Come on people be civilized!!!!
  9. What have you eaten today?

    Had some poptarts @AR07
  10. Nothing can stop me.

  11. Band Game

  12. Made it to a month.

    Are you going to intro every month dude Edit: apparently this is an hg app. I'll offer a referral
  13. Nothing can stop me.

    Ok but why isn't it trimmed
  14. 95 and 96

    I love a nice clan meeting, grats
  15. 80 KMS

    Big gains dude
  16. DF P2P PK 1/16/18

    You sure do like being attacked Rene
  17. imagine having to call for help in 2018
  18. Band Game

  19. I love farming part 2

    Grats Pengy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!