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  1. XXXtentacion dead

    The difference between this guy and all the other artists who have done fucked up shit is this guy was a basket case. Basically tortured his girlfriend, beat her, assaulting fans, starting beef with just about anyone who he came across, beat some guy near death cause he thought he was looking at him funny. Name an artist alive right now that has that kind of baggage associated with them. The only person who comes close probably is Chris Brown and he's a piece of shit too and he still probably couldn't top all that. I'm surprised even he has a following. So yeah if you're going to be a fucktard with the spotline on you don't act surprised when you get shot. The stupid fuck was in jail almost his whole career anyways
  2. XXXtentacion dead

    Anything but mumble rap, country, and that weird screamo shit
  3. XXXtentacion dead

    Can't wait till this retarded "genre" dies like these stupid wannabe gangsters
  4. XXXtentacion dead

    This dumb nigga beat his girlfriend multiple times and baited people to try to fuck with him. Nothing of value was lost
  5. Scientific Study

  6. Scientific Study

    As an actual scientist I take great offense in you classifying this as a "scientific" study
  7. Alinity actually getting deported LUL

    Except when it turns into softcore porn on a family friendly website meant for gaming and twitch/amazon doesn't fucking ban them like they do everyone else
  8. Alinity actually getting deported LUL

    Purposefully using your body to attract pre-pubescent boys and virgin white knights on the platform while promoting your patreon, and THEN acting innocent and denying these tactics and calling anyone who says so sexist
  9. Alinity actually getting deported LUL

    Twitch thot who went viral for "copystriking" pewdiepie because he called her a twitch thot. So abusing copyright law. Also then admitted on stream to marrying a Canadian, coming to Canada, then divorcing him and admitting to marriage fraud. Since she's gone viral she's probably had 10s of thousands of people report her to Canadian immigration Fuck this cunt she needs to get deported from my country
  10. Alinity actually getting deported LUL

    She's a thot. That dog would be better off without her
  11. Pet Count 24/05/18

    Would be cool to see a HCIM with a wild boss pet lol
  12. di close ~.~

    Is this the slow end of the clan world? Also Markito introed then they fucking DIED lmfao
  13. Hello people

    Starting to get lippy with that new rank boi. Don't be jealous I held a superior position Sup dude Does that mean I should make a comeback? Lead the TT revolt?