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  1. Nigga you'll go to shit ass arma but not raids?
  2. It's already guaranteed to be a fuck up. They say there's no choke points at barb village but that doesn't matter, all a clan has to do is put more than half their people on the North and East side to cover the largest entrances, utilizing huge barrage piles, and then have the rest cover the West and South where there are less people coming through and do the same. It doesn't matter if they take losses because in the end, most people aren't going to survive the barrage pile and only a handful of people will die doing it. Unless every random person has the brain power to rush barb village all at once, there's no chance. Even if they did that I still doubt a clan wouldn't hold it up The only other thing I can see going wrong as a "fuck up" is they have an orbed off area in barb village for the final area, but I don't think they'll actually have the orbs there during the final. Since it's basically a free floating land mass as a final area with no "walls" to let you know if you're safe, I can definitely see lots of people stepping outside of the final area and getting insta killed
  3. I only watch the final hour nowadays. I used to participate but... after pulling 24 hrs on the 2nd one and putting so much time and effort into it and not having the time to actually participate in the tournament sucked. Plus I don't have a clan to do it with anymore
  4. Don't you guys have your own forums? The fuck are you posting here all the time for. I couldn't really give a fuck what AC is doing every other day
  5. Grilled cheese my dude
  6. Option 1 is for monsters who want to watch the world burn
  7. Bus/walk. My city is rather big and it has 2 major universities so public transport is really good. They're also putting in a light rail next year so it'll be even better. I don't personally like public transport, but I can't afford a car on my grad stipend.
  8. Nah, never let up on him. Especially after what he said in this episode, "I never really cared about you". Like if you liked him at all, at that point you should have started hating him
  9. That episode was fucked. Gonna be sad to see Kim and Jimmys relationship fall apart. Glad to see Jimmy did something about fixing the situation with the elderly though. I'm wondering, does anyone else think Kim knew Jimmy manipulated them to settle the case? When she said "play to your strengths" or whatever and all that jazz, I don't think Jimmy ever told her about it and then when they were packing up the office he was saying how an elderly person would never come by his office ever again, and Kim didn't seem phased. Now he could have told her what happened after the fact but if she didn't already know I feel like she would have at least been appalled, but if she knew beforehand it really wouldn't affect her I don't think. Also fuck Chuck glad that fuckers gone, although I don't think I could ever reach the savagery level of this sub
  10. Option 4. I mean people are getting run over by fucking vans and trucks in the name of religion. Can't get more stupid than that. I would really go into depth over my opinion on this, but I know a lot of people probably wouldn't agree with it necessarily so I'll keep it to myself
  11. fuk, why does work exist. grats
  12. share