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  1. Aimbotting like fuck Also like how Benjen was literally only in Season 1 for a short time, briefly with Bran north of the wall, and then saved Jon. Literally his only purpose was to be there to save Jon. Christ
  2. Somehow Obamas gonna be blamed for this
  3. ? this has been a thing since RS2 existed. And it was definitely a big thing in 2007...
  4. what do you put in your hotdogs?

    Usually just ketchup. Sometimes ketchup and cheese
  5. Bruh, shit was expensive back then
  6. I literally remember all the specific spots for all these items. I still really don't understand how varrock west became the trading spot at the start of OSRS. Way more space here
  7. Bamboozled
  8. Well, I guess we're going to see him die next ep. That's not saying much though is it? He can be brought back. How did he die permanently in the books?
  9. Oh shit, I forget details like that. But wouldn't that obviously make him azor ahai then? He seems to be the only one who can do it, he's been brought back from the dead multiple times as he serves some sort of greater "purpose". Why are people speculating its anyone else?
  10. So we finally know who azor ahai is. Which seemed like the way too obvious person which is a little disappointing
  11. Any advice on what tasks to use each of these on? Like eg. bloodvelds and fire giants, greater demons hellhounds etc. Wondering for my iron man
  12. Possible learn while u sleep

    Don't think you understand what type of learning they're talking about
  13. Backstory, I've been intrigued by aviation for the past few months, probably mainly because my roommate is training to be a pilot and my dad used to fly. But if you ever listen to ATC/flight recordings during an emergency that's almost certain to end in death, the first two things a controller will ask is how much fuel the plane has and how many souls are on board. Fuel is obvious so they know how serious of a fire it would cause, and souls on board so they know how many bodies they might be looking for, but why use the term "souls on board"? Why not ask "how many people" or something like that? It seems to be universal in aviation, I'm assuming it's the same in sailing and whatnot. What do you think?
  14. DF Leaders Censorship Again

    Let's move to RSC until reactions r back
  15. As painful as this is going to be to say, for once I actually agree with something Trump might be doing, sort of. Maybe not the way he's going about it entirely, but the whole Affirmative Action thing really. What I really believe we need is for college applications to NOT indicate race/gender in any way, shape or form. This should be law. That way there is no bias at all in the selection process and college can finally go back to being a place that admits people based on intellect instead of what fucking colour someones skin is or what genitals they have. And before someone starts saying I'm a bigot, I'm pretty sure Affirmative Action benefits white people more than anyone else anyways. I really just don't like the precedent it sets for academic merit as a person who's pursing a Masters degree Thoughts?