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  1. [Updated]1st Zenyte shard btw

    Grats, wish I had the motivation to get my iron man to this point in the game
  2. Season 7 spoilers for the off chance some of you might not have seen that season yet 2:35 for the plot twist Tl;dr - after Bran told him "chaos is a ladder" he knew he was in danger in some way. He knows about the faceless men since his family has a connection to bravos. So he paid that girl in the video to become him so they'd just kill her not him I mean there are always way more theories that are proven false than true, that's just the nature of it, but this would be pretty cool. What do y'all think?
  3. Stephen Hawking dies

    Incoming "2018 worst year for important people deaths" just like people said that about 2017 RIP
  4. New COD announced!

    Lol COD's fucking dead. Fuck paying $80+ tax for a game and then having to pay for online
  5. Why weren't any of my highschool teachers this hot?
  6. Someone got all pets

    He was 2k before bloodhound. Since he got it so early he's probably like 2500-3000
  7. Which game should I purchase

    Yeah I just checked and seems dark souls 2 is like $50 on steam. I guess I might have to wait for a sale. Didn't see dark souls 1 on there
  8. EZ life almost another 90+ stat for max
  9. Which game should I purchase

    Was thinking about it, but remastered is going to be like $55 and 2 is like $45 like what the fuck. That's more expensive than 3 is...
  10. Which game should I purchase

    I've never played either game yet, figured I'd get one on PS4. I've never played any of the other souls games Also as a side note, are Dark souls 1 and Dark souls 2 on PS4 and still available in some form? I'd preferably like to play those I guess before dark souls 3
  11. Biggest Olympic Troll

    Apparently she qualified doing this too because she scored more points than those that would wipe out in other competitions lmao
  12. Putting tape over Laptop cam

    Someones been watching too much Black Mirror
  13. Putting tape over Laptop cam

    Someones been watching too much Black Mirror