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  1. Keep telling yourself that to sleep at night
  2. > My team loses to another team > Must be a fluke
  3. I'm well aware that we didn't play the best. However, in hockey all that matters is that W. I'm also giving him a hard time cause he's a right cunt about MTL being great and the Leafs being trash most of the time so this is a little karma payback ya dig? Plus, the futures all that matters right now so 1-14 doesn't mean shit lol Also, saying Freddy bailed us out hard. Yeah he did, but who has been throwing the rest of the Montreal Canadiens on his back since he joined them? Oh yeah that would be Carey Price. But ask a Habs fan and that's not the case, they'd never admit that their whole team is centered around one overpaid (now) player that can't carry them on his back anymore
  4. Leafs also beat the Hawks, btw lol
  5. Hi @StevenID0om_ I see your team is trying to race to the bottom of the league. 10m a year goalie btw. Wins us games btw. Wouldn't even be able to get a team to take his dumbass contract Golf Habs golf
  6. Would you sign a prenup?

    If you're a male and you don't have a prenup in this day and age, you played yourself
  7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

    As a big fan of Breaking Bad, I'd say it's in semi decent hands then
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

    Probably more
  9. imk edit: Both Mark Hamilton and the Director said they wouldn't recommend watching the trailer as it kind of spoils some of the movie more than a usual trailer, so watch at your own discretion.
  10. Goku vs Jiren new form

    Well aren't you an angry little man with no self worth @@False should keep your subordinates in line...
  11. History of the world

    Probably one of my favourite videos
  12. Goku vs Jiren new form

    Good for you, don't post on my topics then. Thanks
  13. Goku vs Jiren new form

    I mean what's a spoiler? Anyone who's been watching super for the past 4-6 months knows Goku was getting a new form for this fight...
  14. Goku vs Jiren new form

    All I'm saying is, he knocked the fuck out of Jiren just before he lost that power. He'll get it back at some point though