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  1. 8th 99 btw

    Who do you raid with?
  2. "Who Remembers When"

    When I never got MOTM cuz True didn't like me, even though my first month as a member I missed like 1 event
  3. Those first two pk's wtf. Why are there so many retards in the wild? I want in on this
  4. Best Of Jed

    Top kek
  5. Divine Forces Friday Looties

    @Murray Wow look at this loot dude
  6. If you found a wallet on the ground..

    My answer might be different if I wasn't a poor student but I'd take the money and try to return the rest cause cards/ID suck to change. Mans gotta eat dude
  7. 5

    Max guild, boss portal
  8. 5

    Yeah but there's no benefits
  9. Not long now

    Caches you mean? Yeah it is but I've been lazy with that. Plus it would still be 90-100 days to get 99 at my current level doing just that. Which means if I wanna max at any reasonable time I need to train it normally
  10. Not long now

    Divination is gonna be the shittiest one I have left. Send help
  11. Naughty Newcastle

    Anthony Hopkins lookin ass
  12. Zybez Closing

    Uhhhh, it's actually LGBTQ2+ you homophobe
  13. Zybez Closing

    OMEGA FUCKING LUL Guess the corrupt staff they had from Rot got tired of having a dead forum
  14. Anotha one

    You really don't, games easy as fuck lol