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  1. You haven't exactly been around? I dunno. Unless I've missed the mark on the point of HG. I couldn't even get it and I've been around every day since November so
  2. Which are generally war zones, which is what happens in war zones. Europe isn't a war zone, not a 3rd world country, and this shit is happening there. It's just happening in Europe, a place I'd actually visit, more than I'd like so I'd rather not end up with nails in me
  3. Happening the most there. See the issue I see with your logic is these Islam extremists don't give a fuck what we do. They're just doing it to be assholes and get their 72 virgins. If anything having more targets is good for them because their end goal is to just kill as many people as they can lol. Seems most people haven't been concerned by it and still going to these things for the past year or so, so what does that tell you? That "sticking together" and just sucking it up isn't something that's going to work. I'm not willing to risk my life for something this trivial
  4. We all know the protocol by now - 1. This has nothing to do with Islam. 2. The guy was a mentally ill 'lone wolf'. 3. Those who object to points 1 and 2 are racist bigots. 4. Change Facebook profile to flag of inflicted country. 5. Light some candles, hold a vigil and go on a peace march. 6. Wait for the next slaughter to happen. 7. Repeat. This is everything wrong with the world lol. Has everything to do with Islam and people need to stop defending things like this that need to be stomped out of this world. I feel like a lot of the idiots saying this would change their mind pretty quick if someone in their family was killed by an act like this This is why I ain't going to any major gatherings like concerts etc. in Europe for the foreseeable future. Not gonna risk my life cause a bunch of extremists are fucking morons thinking they're going to get 72 virgins from Allah
  5. Can you just do everyone a favour already and fuck off?
  6. You commented retard lol Good, nobody wants your ugly eyes watching anyways < Didn't watch < But commented on post < Stfu weirdo
  7. Broke his femur btw
  8. Probably but who cares. I'm just getting drunk and shit
  9. So why do you still have that rank?
  10. So when are you getting rid of that "temporary" inactive rank?
  11. <Matrix> u think you got ST for another reason?
  12. It's literally free entertainment. I get a kick out of the stupid shit, that's my opinion. Why is that so bad?
  13. Ice is livestreaming a date with Miss Dominican Republic like what the fuck lol Her insta for those who want (like stevendoom and vladi)
  14. Going to see both games Fri/Sat mad cheap