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  1. Do you pee in the shower

    Obviously. If you say you don't you're lying
  2. Bit coin at 16k

    Can't wait till it starts crashing down to like $100 each and all the retards who bought a bunch of these lose all their money
  3. Wish I could say the same. grats
  4. Rot & Jed Exposed Pt 3

    Jagex has a strict policy against employees competing in any competitions. And they even said with certainty that he wasn't competing in DMM at one point I think. So that's hilarious, wonder if they'll actually do anything

    Never understood Mochas. Half hot chocolate and half coffee tastes worse than like a double double lmao
  6. Why in the fuck would I brush my teeth BEFORE eating? What's the benefit? Food would taste like shit and then I've got food all over my teeth after I just brushed them... it doesn't seem like it would be a win situation in any way
  7. Your Queen needs to keep her stupid fuckin face out of our country already gawd damn
  8. What do y'all think? I don't think anyones surprised by any of this anymore, but I guess the question is more what can be done about these loopholes. Middle and lower class are getting more restless when it comes to stuff like this, do you think anyone can do anything about it? Revolution, civil war? Who knows. I hope I see some rich people dead in the streets over this in my lifetime personally
  9. Happy marriages

    Marriage is a sham. Over half fail. Do yourself a favour, either don't get married and just be happy as a couple living together (that's what being married is anyways...) or get a prenup. Cause if it's not about the money and taking off with your shit 6 months later, they really shouldn't give a fuck about signing a prenup. Protects you both anyways..
  10. Fuck no. I saw one of those professional cooking posts that utilized brussel sprouts today and almost gagged
  11. Kevin Spacey Drama

    Damn, the only person who read my topic and actually understood what the fuck point I was making
  12. Kevin Spacey Drama

    You're seriously going to act like 30 years isn't a long ass time ago? You're not even 30 yourself and probably can't remember what you had for breakfast this morning. How else is someone supposed to respond? You deny it people call you a liar and grab their pitchforks. You say something like what Kevin Spacey said and people assume it's a statement of guilt when it's not and grab their pitchforks. Nobody in their right mind comes out and says they do it. You wouldn't fucking do that so why would you expect anyone else to? That's career suicide. Also you should note as I already stated but clearly you're too biased to actually read my topic, this is an ALLEGATION. I could accuse you of raping me right now and it picks up mainstream media attention and your life is fucked. And you didn't do anything. Do I think Kevin Spacey probably did it? Yeah I do, but I'm not going to sit there yelling and hollering and throwing a tantrum about it like everyone else until a court proves it. And yeah, that's another thing. 30 years later and you're expecting anyone to be able to prove anything/do anything about it now? Good luck with that. Also when did I ever blame the victim? You should educate yourself a bit more before you open your mouth about something you clearly know nothing about You need to get your head checked because you might be as retarded as either Quadkyle or Markito. You're from Sweden though so it doesn't surprise me that you act like you're living in your own little fucking world lol. Keep up with the rest of the world why don't ya
  13. Kevin Spacey Drama

    Get fucked Pato
  14. Thoughts on the whole thing? I find the whole thing shows everything wrong with the world right now. Sure, if it happened then yeah Kevin Spacey deserves everything that comes his way. However, the problem with the world right now is you can simply accuse someone of doing something and ruin their life. Let that sink in for a minute. Some random asshole that lives next to you could accuse you of touching their child and your life would be ruined whether you were actually convicted or not. The media is a cancer. People look at allegations of crimes as being convicted of said crime. How fucking stupid is that? Now Netflix is probably never going to finish a show, House of Cards, because of something that allegedly happened 30 years ago and there's no way someone will ever be able to prove it actually happened at this point because of a overly protective, sensitive, politically correct world that half wits have created Discuss lol