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  1. EASY

    Reppin the fucking HITS meng
  2. 98 Farming

    my man vladi
  3. Who's Forums?

  4. I have found the light

    nigga r u ded
  5. Trip to Africa

    That's pretty sick man
  6. Merry Christmas guys, hope everyone has a great time
  7. Grats guys looked like fun =]
  8. Meowy Catmas!

    What have you done to this poor animal!
  9. What will it take?

    It's too hard to be an adult and put the time into the game. I think that's where rot has the advantage (this isnt based on facts just guessing). They probably have a lot more yyoung folks then most of the other oldschool clans. I try to imagine a 10 hour fight now and it's like "holy fuck how would I ever make it to work" lmao
  10. Fansites

    it's super bias and just straight up fiction now days lol