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    Gratz hannah
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  4. This right here, after 2 different relationships of living with a girl at the time who I "loved" I can tell you, nothing is out of the question, a lot of you niggas like ewwwwww but honestly, you share EVERYTHING else, you put our tounge in her mouth among other places, I can't believe people wouldn't share a tooth brush if you're like on vacation and one of you forget it or a similar circumstance.
  5. Rip link
  6. Yea wtf I thought it was supposed to be all new
  7. Gratz
  8. So I was pretty surprised at how many people on ts said their os skill total had passed their rs3 toral. Personally my rs3 total is still quite a bit high then my current osrs total. I have a hard time re-leveling certain skills. So which game has the higher skill toral for you? Rs3 or osrs?
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  10. same
  11. nice
  12. Shit
  13. Nirvana
  14. good stuff
  15. Yes, I eat ass so why the fuck not
  16. Big bank take little bank
  17. nice
  18. wrong
  19. nice!
  20. holy nice
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