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  1. l0l nice
  2. profit
  3. nice
  4. no but really I GOT A BAWLD HEAD
  5. Fade
  6. Africa!
  7. Good job guys, cantwait till my schedule gtes back to normal
  8. yes

  9. nice
  10. Nice job
  11. I am the game
  12. Nice work
  13. Oh ya, AND THE FUCKING HOUND! I reallly cant wait to see the can of whoop ass he has brewing!
  14. Ramsay was my favorite character thus far, and one of my favorite villains in any series tbh. I like what I'm seeing with Euron, I can't wait for the sea battles, going to be HYPE. The North Remembers
  15. Honestly it feels like it's a few years too late, it is awesome though and I'll def use it!
  16. Hell yes, was loads of fun!
  17. Yay

  18. lit AYYYY
  19. lol