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  1. What will it take?

    It's too hard to be an adult and put the time into the game. I think that's where rot has the advantage (this isnt based on facts just guessing). They probably have a lot more yyoung folks then most of the other oldschool clans. I try to imagine a 10 hour fight now and it's like "holy fuck how would I ever make it to work" lmao
  2. Fansites

    it's super bias and just straight up fiction now days lol
  3. Wow big skiller

    my man
  4. Kevin Spacey Drama

    This 100%, a lot of people have become so fucking soft lol, people say things like "sexual assault" for being hit on in a bar or a club nowdays, the truth of the matter is pansies who do that only make the life for REAL victums 100x worse because their real crys for help are going to be lost in a sea of lies.
  5. Kevin Spacey Drama

    Lmao mans said, my bad but im gay
  6. LOL finals

    SKT, there has never been a better team under pressure, if ssg open 2-0 I'll still put money on skt every time.
  7. Forsaken closes

    damn the family tho
  8. Still hunting Gargoyle task!

    8m.. fuck these suck now qq
  9. Russian Donk

  10. 93 Slayer

  11. 93 Slayer

  12. Divine Forces Tuesday Night PK

    Looks like bank was made
  13. yes

    Gj ghjjf
  14. If you could swap genders for a day, would you?

    For only 1 day? hell yes lmao id stream with my tits out and make like 500k usd for being a slutty egirl :>
  15. Divine Forces GMT Player Killing

    Looked like fun =]
  16. The shit show they call Rs3

    Honestly it would probably be better if runescape just died and someone maybe a decent private server, like nostalrius for wow, i'm surprised they still havent put a cash shop in for osrs yet lol
  17. 99 Fletch

    Had to go super inactive
  18. 99 Fletch

    Gratz big joe
  19. Duo Arcane Scrolly

    how quaint l0l
  20. Ayyy, small update

    I'm sure a lot of people were, but I had to take care of real shit first, thats life, I also got a new job which im very happy with and I have to put these things first. Matt Robin can vouch I have spent almost 0 time online in the last few months, trust me I WISH I could be here playing games raiding, fighting etc like I use to but I just cant right now =[
  21. Ayyy, small update

    So I didn't wanna just fall off the face of the earth completely, but stuff is finally settling down. For those who didn't know, my apt got raped by hurricane irma, like completely flooded out. They hooked me up with another apt about a week after everything settled down, I still didn't get my car fixed from that fatty backing up into it so that kind of sucks, however, I got a pretty dank ass pay out from feema so that was kind of nice! As farm as gaming goes, haven't really played much of anything except an odd league game here and there when I've had a moment just to chill, dunno when I'll have time to fuck about like I used to =[. But yea, just wanted to give an update and say hi to everyone, hope stuff is going good!
  22. Ayyy, small update

    Not sure if meme