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  1. [Updated]Dex

  2. [Updated]Double Breastplate and Skirt

    better then raids
  3. [Updated]Arcane

  4. where my bird

    say im a bird
  5. 500 Easy Clues

  6. We did it

  7. What have you eaten today?

    Fucking ramen poor for life
  8. [Updated]Ancestral Robe Bottom

    Making that bank
  9. Catch me outside song

    @Vladi x this is your girl loool
  10. [Updated]Ancestral Hat

    pimp hat strong
  11. [Accepted]Introduction Pownix

    Good luck, DF is a great place to be =]
  12. Budapest Brothers

    Saggy a fucking animal, legend lmao
  13. Ali 'The Hunny Guest'

    good luck bud
  14. hmmm

  15. Divine Forces Monday Night Sweep

    Good work as always
  16. lol

  17. Di and Rot over?

    Fuck ROT who cares
  18. [Accepted]Hi

    There's no better place to be, if you bring the loyalty that is. Good luck!
  19. Osrs & RS3 unite against common enemy

    Jagex are losing touch more then ever, I don't usually go for the doom and gloom stuff but the farther the rs3 mods stay away from rs2 the better.
  20. Jelle and Alex gets boots, I get this

  21. "Nice 81 Slayer"

    I miss the old damn cave
  22. Woodchop

    ayyyy gj
  23. Mayweather defeats McGregor

    Mayweather put them hands on him at the end, if the ref didn't stop the fight connor would have looked even worse getting kod
  24. LCK Finals SKT vs LZ (Spoilers)

    I knew when huni picked cho the dream was dead