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  1. [Accepted]Morder-Biest Intro

    Good luck man. A lot of good people here.
  2. Raids!!!!

    Very niceee
  3. When you get leader she'll use you for your power.
  4. Got the New Cape

  5. Im Back Baby!!!! ( base 80 lvls)

    You are on fire, sir.
  6. 2200 TOTAL

    Wow, nice work.
  7. Hello Lads

    Life is good. Sounds like you're doing well as well.
  8. Hello Lads

    What's going on Justin.
  9. New purchase

    Very nice
  10. di close ~.~

    Respect to DI and there officials. I’m in line with most of this post. Good luck to future endeavors.
  11. maxing out

    What’s are you going to do after you max?
  12. Big Bird gainz

    nice job