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    1. What is your current display name: - Humbug3 2. List all your previous aliases/display names: - Hummy/ o0o0o0o0o / co0o0o0or / 120kg Bench 3. Post a picture of your stats & combat level (if you are a low level, we expect you train hard during your IG/FA period) - 4. What timezone are you in? - GMT 5. Your clan history. Every clan OR team you've joined or attempted to join, how long you were affiliated, highest rank held and why are you no longer in said clan. Inaccurate information will result in an automatic decline. Runescape 3 - Ive skipped a couple of P2P teams that were pretty insignificant as I was there for a month each time these are Infliciton and Havoc maybe a couple of others I have forgotten about. Team Mayhem - Senior Member - I joined as it was my good friend Beanie's clan. Had a lot of fun and a good summer together but the clan closed I was a Senior Member. 7 Months before it closed. Red Dragon Knights - Member - Joined after Mayhem died it was a lot of fun and again it was with Beanie. We weren't particulary good but we got some good loots and at the time thats all I really cared about. Around a year before it closed. Corruption - Moderator - Joined after Mayhem died with a bunch of the guys. It was my first experience in F2P and I had a lot of good times. Beating DF in 16 hour was one of them . I eventually had disagreements with the leadership as VR was ddossing us heavily in a crash war to the point we didn't even have Teamspeak for daily use. I asked the leadership if we were going to start doing it back as it was the only option I saw as we were so weak in game they said they would not do it. (Despite it turning out they were asking MutedB to do it all for them as he was actually in our leadership channel)Despite all of this I made a lot of close friends but I ended up leaving to Join EoS with Mage Boy 500. I was here for around 2 years. Echo of Silence - Member - I joined EoS and instantly fell in love with the community even though I was quiet in my first stint I really enjoyed the TS banter the not give a fuck attitude after pretty much being a door mat in Cor and the group that played games other than RS. I had to catch up on a lot of College work and I went inactive and was kicked. Old School Runescape Reign of Terror - FA - Joined this clan with Beanie we were both pretty excited coming from P2P originally it was exciting to be in what was then the best P2P clan so we had high hopes. After about 2 weeks of joining Beanie said he could not be bothered with the excessive training we were being forced to do he wanted to enjoy the nostalgia of the game and it was pretty much expected that we would be 100 combat or it was a kick. After around a month I left to don't get me wrong some of the events were fun but the TS community was extremely like theres trolling and then theres Roleplaying on teamspeak with each other at the age of 20 + also the amount of e-dating it really was not my thing and I messaged Daniela who I knew from Cor that I would be going inactive and to remove me. Echo of Silence - Council - I rejoined EoS they did not hold a grudge that I joined Rot over going back to them which I apreciated (Ell01 did actually he flamed me on my intro the asshole) I really enjoyed my time in EoS and made some great friends along the way. People always flame us for closing and re-opening but we just did what we want be it mass joining VR or stealing a clan from Daniel156 and naming it bearz. EoS will not be reopening on RS so I have decided to join a new clan. - EOS CLOSED VR/BEARZ - Nothing major despite my previous beef with VR they weren't actually as bad as I thought and had a few members I didn't mind. Kicked both times as I rejoined EoS once they re-opened. Bearz was only ever meant to be a bit of fun and it lasted maybe 2 months. - Member both times. (I will just mention that as bad as that looks EoS will not be reopening on RS. If I thought there was a chance I wouldn't be introing to DF as I like everybody here I have spoken with and realise you only get one chance in DF. Ancient Fury - Senior Member - I joined AF again with Beanie I absolutely loved it in AF and have loads of friends there. They closed due to leadership getting bored but still have a great community. Notable highlight there is sweeping Rot in the J Cup and winning multiple 1 item wars vs them. - AF Closed. This clan history is probably a bit different from my last as I have left out some of the clans that I can't remember and I do not have a copy of my last one I know theres probably something missing though but everything significant is on there. Any issues just message me thanks guys. 6. List all DF members you currently know. How long have you known them and where did you meet them? - Ross - Since Joining - StevenIDo0m - Since AF - Ell01 - years - hecticdan since eos - Korneel There will be loads more but I will see who responds on here as I feel a bit cheeky putting peoples names down that I have spoken with on TS and CC without asking them and I am posting this realy early in the morning so nobody is on. 7. As an intro it is important to integrate with the community. Do you have IRC and Teamspeak installed? On a side note: Be in True 2k8 clan chat when you're online. - Yes I have both 8. Tell us a little about yourself: - Hey guys I work night shifts 4 on 4 off I have a girlfriend that takes up a lot of my time I recently got back into playing RS and I am really enjoying it and have been enjoying hangin around your community for a while now. Despite my inactive spells due to RL I feel like I will be a good member as its the first clan in a while I actually feel I want to put effort into due to how great the community has been. I like going out drinking eating nandos, eating and playing games. I watch a lot of football and support Chelsea despite living in Wales yes I am a glory hunter... 9. How did you find us? - Through Ell01 AND being in the clan world so long. 10. Are you ready for warring/pking? (gear/stats/experience/knowledge about 07-warring-styles) - I am ready for Pking RSB warring is a different story but once I have the gear I would be really interested in taking part I have experrience in various RSB clans back in the day and in AF J Cup. 11. Estimate the time it will take you to be ready to apply for FA? (Minimum 1 week - community integration) - I feel I have intergrated somewhat well into the community the only thing I have holding me back is sets and I will be getting that sorted ASAP. 12. Come clean. This section is for the confession or admission of anything which may cause a problem in you getting accepted. This includes any NH activities, hacking/scamming, spying/leaking, DDoSing or any other acts you feel may jeopardize your chance at getting in DF. If it is later found that you did not mention something significant here, you will be declined on suspicion of concealing it. 13. Is there anything else you would like to add? - Hey guys I know I have a bit of a reputation for being retarded thank you for having me.
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    Absolute animal one of my fave guys in Af and Eos really down to earth and chill to hang out with think if you choose to join you would fit in really well not saying you gay btw