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  1. dont have time
  2. we just drink, no game
  3. @Pato take another L
  4. his carbon frame would have cracked too rip.
  5. next df rl meet at a bull run?
  6. looks mad fun
  7. welcome to the club @Pato
  8. yo
  9. as long as its mechanical it will be good, corsair make nice keyboards though.
  10. dont go ultra wide if its the same resolution, everything will just be stretched out.
  11. i prefer a 24" screen with higher resolution than 1080, ips is nice too, response time is irrelevant as long as its 5ms or under.
  12. rip to 3 of the sickest dds kills that didn't get recorded shoutout to @Pato's claws
  13. dont know why you're throwing out insults then getting defensive when i reply acting like its a joke, why would you think id take that as a joke? we're not friends.