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  1. Took me 5 years!

    Thats a serious accomplishment, grats.
  2. PVP Changes Discussion

    You read it wrong, nothing has changed with tb immunity, all they did was make tb/immunity be removed on logout to stop pre tbing which some teams/people do and it basically makes them invincible 0 chance of dying. edit: apparently they changed the post and perma tb was in there to begin with lmao. The spec trading delay will only effect massive teams with unlimited specs, 10-15 man single teams will still be able to spec trade effectively, very good change will make teams massing up with 50 people for single less effective. All the other changes are just fixing broken mechanics/glitches. Great changes imo.
  3. PC setup

    might post when i cba to clean it
  4. What kind of milk do you like?

    Soya/Rice milk with cereal, dairy is disgusting.
  5. same as u, prob japan
  6. england sweden

    2-1 sweden
  7. If you like MMA you can get a free 2 month Fight Pass subscription, enter "FPDE2018" on checkout, you dont have to enter any payment info. North Americans can use a VPN for it to work, works for EU and maybe other places.
  8. What tilts you irl?

    if steelseries made those designs id defo buy it
  9. What tilts you irl?

    when you get cum stains on your mouse mat and have to buy a new one
  10. Ghrazi Rapier

    yesssss grats @Sugar @Manjep @Jay` elite pvmers!!
  11. Avernic Defender Hilt

    Grats Lemon Forces
  12. World cup: Fantasy football 2018
  13. Association Game

  14. not sure what im looking at, but good job!
  15. Divine Forces Friday Furry PK

    suck my cock dk
  16. Association Game