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  1. WOW! Much looties!

    Who was it that said dragon sword & harpoon goes hand in hand with mass raids btw Jinxed it mate
  2. dex scroll

    I don't discriminate, raid with everyone #roadtorigour
  3. dex scroll

    God bless Thanks bros
  4. i hate this game

    Aw Pray to Woox that next time is the last time!
  5. Divine Forces P2P PK

    @False: Fag You have defeated adyke. Looked like fun was had girls and boys, well done!

    Happy birthday! Enjoy
  7. what color is THE DRESS

    Old, but it changed from white to blue & black
  8. Arcane

    Only get drops in @Vladi x's raids haha Keep em coming
  9. Happy Birthday AR07

    Happy birthday Mr Scribbl! Have a good one
  10. The time has come......

    Reff'd, good and dedicated guy big buddy in raids btw
  11. Happy Birthday Ekstra!

    Have a good one, happy birthday!
  12. Gratz on your very own Ele! It's one of my fav pets, so squishy indeed
  13. Dexterous Prayer Scroll Trio

    Haha all good, I blame vespula Next time