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  1. di close ~.~

  2. Wumeme :^)

    hi @Wumeme welcome
  3. Divine Forces Sunday PK

    nice loot dudes!
  4. 24 hours

    Gratz dude! I haven't done a lot of the new quests that don't have good rewards
  5. Breaking the 2 Hour Marathon

    i concede. it was far closer than i thought it would be @Pengy 25 seconds man
  6. Breaking the 2 Hour Marathon

    absolutely no way lol
  7. Intro

    hey man
  8. Most riveting chats with Alice #4

    theres two types of people in the world.. those who pee in the shower and liars
  9. Wiggly Wednesday: ROT+DI get fucked in F2P

    they had 30 ppl lmfao..
  10. Your Celebrity Crush(es)?

    emma watson