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  1. u wasn't there

    @Boss Anthony ?
  2. Happy Birthday AR07

    Happy Birthday Jager buddy
  3. The time has come......

    Hey Chris
  4. Happy Birthday Ekstra!

    Happy Birthday buddy I'm real happy for you and im'ma let you finish but if you ain't 69 Slayer we are gonna need to talk.
  5. Dexterous prayer scroll

    share i logged out
  6. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    Happy Birthday
  7. Grats

    Sutty ftw
  8. He made it split it v2

    save up gp for an arcane
  9. Neymar joins PSG for £200m

    Neymar was behind Messi and even Suarez at Barcelona.. He wasn't going to win it at Barca being behind Messi's shadow the only thing he can do is hope PSG wins Champions League/ their league while being the main catalyst in them doing so. Even when Ronaldo/Messi retire he has emerging talents like Dembele/Mbappe others to watch out for competition wise for Ballon D'or. Pogba will always be a waste of money because Man Utd let him leave for 400k and spent 80M to get him back (when United wasn't even his first choice). Chances are he will leave United in a few years when Real etc come knocking. He has potential.
  10. Hello

    Hey Kyle nice seeing you around
  11. Neymar left barcelona

  12. Neymar joins PSG for £200m

    Weren't some players in China getting paid/offered that amount per week? Not really crazy considering United paid the amounts they did for Pogba/Lukaku. The industry is growing, more money to be made. Neymar's is better than Pogba/Lukaku but his own image/brand is worth alot.
  13. Divine Forces Sunday

    Good job guys
  14. FFA Dex

    wanna keep some of the gp for pots, sets, runes buddy pal m8