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  1. hi

    Welcome to DF forums.
  2. Ref
  3. Medium rare
  4. When all the clans decided to embargo DF but ended up having less events/fights than DF.
  5. Those are quality images. So do people use GoPro for underwater related stuff / sports? - is the benefit being that it is much smaller to travel around with? Kevin (PKbros) insta is: (I don't think he will mind sharing as he posts some quality images of cities/landmarks.) I'm about to head to sleep so i'll see any replies or respond tomorrow Thanks for the heads up on GoPro (I'm considering getting one).
  6. Good job Sutty
  7. I was actually asking Justin yesterday after seeing his Insta. Pkbros is next level though in terms of photography, he would be a good person to ask. I have a DLSR + point & shoot but I'm a novice that was hoping to one day take it up a bit more (if I get the time). Edit: I was thinking about GoPro - haven't looked into it that much, what is the difference between gopro and a dslr? I know people use Gopro more for sports, gets its also much smaller and easier to travel with.
  8. Welcome to your tape @Amanda