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  1. Rot and Jed exposed in early GMT.

    RoT have been trying to break DF's shell for over 3 years. They aren't any further since when they first started. Only difference from then and now is that inactive members like myself aren't part of DF, which is something RoT didn't have any influence in doing.
  2. Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Anyone buy anything this year?
  3. Never lucky

    Got this afking while revising: F
  4. 94 Slayer

    Erin would be proud (Thought you were already maxed)
  5. Happy marriages

    Markito v2?
  6. Hey

    Welcome to DF forums
  7. [Accepted]Andy v2.

    Good luck. Brownie points for crashing Steven's browser.
  8. Fansites

    Reddit Though if you mean Zybez - too many uneducated users just trolling rather than posting anything worthwhile; if you want you could also add incompetent and biased moderators on top of that.
  9. Forsaken closes

    Not just a clan, a meme.
  10. So I had a dream...

    He copied that member title from me
  11. Is it worth it?

    Ross hit the nail on the head.
  12. Probably same order as True
  13. 3 man tbow

  14. Hi.