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  1. hey

    Wait you aren't the real Jamiejams? I thought someone with the username Jamiejams use to be in DI/AG pre OSRS.
  2. @@Sutty throwing shade in like every kill pic
  3. DA Ell - 2006/7
  4. Divine Forces Thursday Reaping

    Tfw when every other clan posts 'day out' topics on rs fan sites with 1 Godsword kill and in few hours DF get 10+ Godsword PKs
  5. 333+333+333+333+333+333+2

    inb4 true2k8
  6. Happy Birthday Jelle

    Happy late birthday Jelle!!
  7. The dream

    Beat @True
  8. Happy seeing you guys do so well especially in RSB. The amount of effort alot of you guys put into improving is paying off. I'm not surprised by this result. Good job on the 10v10 and 20v20. Saggy, George, Danny, Ross, Jelle, Sutty, Chronic, Ekstra, Branflakez, Vladi, Hockey, Branflakez and everyone else. Go win the finals
  9. Who's Forums?

    Divine Forces
  10. garbage mystic pker episode 27

    Nice vid Saggymeister
  11. Pet Ross

  12. Congrats. Is Ellie still around?