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  1. Leaked home footage of Ross when he was a kid

    Jesus Christ resemblance is there for sure. Both in looks and in being a dramaqueen
  2. big dicc

    Clicked cause of title, was not disappointed. Gratz dewd!
  3. Lowest points always gets drops

    False! If lowest points always got the drop I would've gotten a drop at least once
  4. 98 Mining

    99 Slayer is going to be so much fun. Much better than mining
  5. Just another quick poll about poker

    Idk depends whether or not I've finished my thesis
  6. U guys use a bidet?

    Grandma or the bidet?
  7. U guys use a bidet?

    I've missed you Tomi
  8. The time has come......

    Finally dude. Ref if needed
  9. Bamboozled

    Yo Ross just fucked your topic Matrix :X Cool vid though :3
  10. i hate this game

    Wtf does everyone play RS this smoothly? Like there's no lagg or slowness or anything ;( I thought having lagg was a natural thing to have, especially on full screen modus

    20 at last! Happy B-day man
  12. 13th 99

    How did you manage to max out 12 skills before you even got to the easiest of em all
  13. Raids got buffed today

    I don't have gp for ancestral and shit