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  1. Dickhead mate

    1. Jake


      Freak of nature 

  2. Best sandwich meat?

    CHICKEN or roast beef. I had a sandwich with sparerib-meat once, was delicious/10
  3. Cooperstown, NY

  4. Cooperstown, NY

  5. [Updated]ARMADYL DROP

    Shame it doesn't count little princess
  6. 300 Hard Clues/Uri Emote Unlocked

    Good job Urinator (See what I did there @Bob Kelso?)
  7. New automobile

    Doesn't look like a granny-mobile, good stuff
  8. Fucking cunts, I'm still somewhat around (or at least my mind is). OT: I think the only person I knew before I joined DF in 2009 who is still around (I guess, not too sure) is Dennis? Then after that it's Omni, Jake, Lucas, Murdock, etc. Wait, I believe DazNumbers still is around sometimes? Then him for easily, since like 2006.
  9. 3/4th

    Manu doe es normaal man
  10. [Accepted]Hummy

    Hola senor!
  11. How important is postcount?

    I'm almost at 24k so I'd say it is very important
  12. What's cooking good-looking

    1. Sugar


      Rino!! :) How have you been? How's life and things!?

    2. Rinus


      I'm good :) busy uni-life basically.. You need to snap me more Alis!!!

    3. Sugar


      Hope uni has been well :) And yeahh I knows! I juat never know what to Snap sometines :P

  13. Farm

    Ayy let's go ho
  14. 99 Cook -.-

    Good housewife Sut
  15. 20000 posts

    Much wow very impress
  16. 99 Farming

    What has the world come to..? Congrats Gio
  17. Ziex intro

    I want pancakes
  18. Used to listen to Franz Ferdinand alot when I was younger, and now their new album is great again
  19. Scampr's Hunny Guest App

    Legit dildo/10, good luck nerd
  20. I like to do diaries all in 1 go

    The hero we need but do not deserve..
  21. "Who Remembers When"

    Lmao I know this was going to bite me in the ass. Glad the Pats didn't win though
  22. Weekly RC gains

    Jesus Christ what has the world come to