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  1. Hey guys, My name is Rinus and I've been around forever it feels. Still, seeing as how I haven't been around the past year and only recently started showing my face again on these forums i figured it is time I'd do one. I started playing RS around the time I was 14/15, and rapidly entered the clanning scene. From The Night Hawks to Triforce to RuneRaiders (ftw), I eventually found my way to Divine Forces in 2009. With some inbetween breaks, I occupied various ranks although almost all time-based (was an AR for a few months and Advisor (I think the name was?) for a month. I helped organise a few RL Meet-ups in Europe (Amsterdam, London, Budapest), until I eventually decided it was time I'd quit the game and DF last year. I even remember when Ross P. Murray first appeared on our boards, when he was still a quiet guy. Crazy, right? In my real-life I am the Intended Chairman for my student association from October 2018-September 2019, which will keep me occupied for most of my time. I enjoy swimming in a competitive fashion, as well as the occasional drink with friends. I'm from Arnhem, The Netherlands, although I have lives in the north of the country for most of my life. This year I am writing a Master's Thesis on International Security and International Relations, focussing on Africa and the 'Third World'. Any questions? Feel free to ask
  2. Happy Birthday Ghetto!

    Happy 28th bitch
  3. Haha, no I don't have IRC anymore! Yeah that shit looked as weak as @Korneel's left arm Same, snap me first bitch Fixed it for you Couldn't deal with all these gays anymore, was too much sexual tension N Haha sorry Rene, might want to think about going Team anti-IMK? He has a shit opinion as Hull City legit is shite I have size 15, don't fit on 1 pic
  4. [Serious] How many genders exist?

    Three: XX, XY, YY
  5. She strikes again

    In full erect*
  6. Closure was inevitable once the gay came to power

    My money was on Ross winning it all anyways
  8. Do you enjoy cooking at home?

    Real men are experts in the kitchen. @Romeo hoezo ben je geen member meer dan sukkel
  9. Abby Demon Luck

    Yo I'm looking for a sugardaddy throw me some dollas
  10. Naughty Newcastle

    Good to see the annual trip becoming tradition
  11. Hey guys, As the title indicates shall this topic be about the United States of America, in which we name all things great about the US of A. I shall start off: - McDonald's - Citizens willing to kill each other to prevent the world from overpopulation - Russia - Memes Ps. Is Omni still around?
  12. What's going on?

    Sup big baller
  13. Divine Forces 13th Birthday

    Still a bunch of queers Love
  14. Ninety five

    Lekker Dyllie

    Jesus Alis get real Go Steelers!
  16. Premier League Fantasy Football 18/19

    Soy aqui! I'll make a reappearance soon Bobski
  17. 89 Slayer

    Sick nerd Adam
  18. Premier League Fantasy Football 18/19

    Unlike Hull City
  19. Giant Squirrel

    I don't know what's going on, but I guessss..... Congrats Rossydoodle
  20. Fan Appreciation

  21. Just out of curiousity?

  22. Galhas10

    The OG
  23. Hilt

    Still shit Jelle