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  1. hello df

  2. rinus de rukkabouter!

    You do know daydrinking can be lethal? @ZottenDree
  3. Hello Lads

    Ohi there Justin
  4. Happy Birthday Amanda

    Dude why Newcastle, ;9 I've already been there but there was no DanC in sight
  5. Happy Birthday Amanda

    Mandy :)) Hope you had a great day! ps. is @Saggy still crushing on @Sugar?
  6. di close ~.~

    Their last closing topic came close
  7. does height matter? 6'3 btw

    Can confirm
  8. Team aya wins agains

    Woot Aya!
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mfu9jgj_z18
  10. Sealing Envelopes

    Lick it real good
  11. Clearly didnt autoclick btw (3rd 99)

    Dikke nerd
  12. [Updated]Barrows

    Proud of you Bob
  13. slayin

    Muy bien senor Bahb
  14. The violent scenes in Peaky Blinders were pretty satisfying (teehee)
  15. Dickhead mate

    1. Jake


      Freak of nature 

  16. Best sandwich meat?

    CHICKEN or roast beef. I had a sandwich with sparerib-meat once, was delicious/10
  17. Cooperstown, NY

  18. Cooperstown, NY

  19. [Updated]ARMADYL DROP

    Shame it doesn't count little princess
  20. 300 Hard Clues/Uri Emote Unlocked

    Good job Urinator (See what I did there @Bob Kelso?)
  21. New automobile

    Doesn't look like a granny-mobile, good stuff
  22. Fucking cunts, I'm still somewhat around (or at least my mind is). OT: I think the only person I knew before I joined DF in 2009 who is still around (I guess, not too sure) is Dennis? Then after that it's Omni, Jake, Lucas, Murdock, etc. Wait, I believe DazNumbers still is around sometimes? Then him for easily, since like 2006.