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    Real life name: Call me ila Original & current RSN: ila161 Clan history: AW Intervention Aztec Terminal-ftw The rising Forsaken Divine forces BRUTALITY Who are your 10 referrals? Alex Manjep(<3) Romeo maboe smqk Boszy Jim Are you willing to be active on our forums? yes, only forums i use these days are df's. Why do you wish to be closer to our community? mainly cuz i need mansheep back in my life, but also cuz i miss chatting to u lot on ts from time to time. Do you use our IRC or TS? If not, why? dont have acces to TS, and no brain capacity for irc Anything else? just to make it clear, my intention with this is not to come to pk trips or leech raids or anything.
  4. duo bottoms

    I'm fat
  5. dragon pickaxe

  6. Wenger stepping down

    my sources told me they allready got a deal with Tuchel, hence he declined the bayern job.
  7. in time with @Eli, 8/10
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    gj divine forces
  10. Clue Scroll Rewards

    poggers @Manjep
  11. Hello again

    hva skjer bror, lenge sida sist haha, benziiiiiiin
  12. 100m Cooking

    jesus lmfao, thats harsh
  13. fisherman

    gratz babe