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  1. 99 SLAYER

  2. 2100

    gz joe, is that runelite btw?
  3. Stereomogga HG app

    gl pal
  4. Duel Arena

    quality topic rohan
  5. FFA Scythe

    DAMN, gz jelle!!!
  6. Beat the Game

  7. Divine Forces Wednesday Peekay

    W0W, NICE!!!!
  8. Rohan vs Pato

    cant belive u did him like that
  9. Remember when Jagex loved runescape?

    what did they do now @lilchris?
  10. Woopers HG

  11. Scythe of Viturrueurueruururur!@!

    well deserved
  12. Divine Forces Annihilates VR 2x

    gg vreeeeeee
  13. first time pking 2k total world w/ila161

    10/10 experience
  14. I'm 99 Slay

  15. Base 80s

    gz joe
  16. finally

    gz lil bro
  17. XXXtentacion dead

    looked at my phone this morning and saw the news, been thinking about him whole day tbh, he was special, talented and eager to improve as a human. may he rest in peace. @Pato
  18. Divine Forces Sunday GMT Sweep

    great work divine forces klan
  19. looked almost as easy as beating morocco