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  1. Divine Forces Fun

    one of the most underrated minigames.
  2. Community intro

    this my nigga <3, 10 yrs and going strong. welcome bae.
  3. 2200

    didnt ask
  4. Construction

    gz frank
  5. V2R

    gratz saper
  6. Twisted Bow

    phew, i was worried for a sec.
  7. Arcane Prayer Scroll

    go on lad
  8. did it

    gz sapes
  9. PK PK

    i will miss ur vids jay, dont be gone too long ok.
  10. James

    lmfao i see uve met james b4. he a good guy deep down tho. welcome hames
  11. Round 2 Predictions!

    honestly stop flaming my pal @Wack Sparrow
  12. Divine Forces Saturday Night PK

    gf wild, gf eli
  13. Gochance Intro x2

    he signed a 60m/5 yr extension or something. i like him but packer need to supply rodgers with more weps, wasting his talent with a bang average roster.
  14. Gochance Intro x2

    Welcome tim thoughts on packers signing davante on a long term deal?
  15. extremely skilled hands

    htt @Bob Kelso
  16. extremely skilled hands

  17. King Stevie Intro

    seems like a good guy, welcome longdick
  18. BGS Pk yay me!

    when u coming to own with df instead? bring ur mandem
  19. [Accepted]Lavawater Intro

    goodluck bro, for the short (fairly xd) time we had togheter in brut you seemed like active and good lad.