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  1. Divine Forces Late Night PK

    looks easy
  2. Ethereum/Bitcoin

    i always wanted to invest in something no idea what or really how to get started to be honest
  3. Dukes of GMT: Not just a clan, a family

    looked like fun gratz guys
  4. like ross asked me to do

    i was fa and applied for full member, going to re intro on monday. trust me that rank isn't my decision i loved every second here
  5. like ross asked me to do

    which also got me 125 cmb, now to turn my focus on doing what @Chronicflame asked me to do with my first tbow split
  6. P2P Full Out Champions - Divine Forces vs Cutthroat

    was such a good fight, keep up the hard work boys and girls
  7. Hot boxing

    chronic is a g thats why
  8. sad i missed the pk trip, why does evo bring broad bolts lol and was fun at the cwa
  9. Twisted bow

    you should be happy, now i can afford prayer levels and better gear
  10. 1/3 lets finish the last two on the right note
  11. Divine Forces Friday Night Sweep

    dam nice i think i went to bed right before this went off

    looked easy
  13. [Declined]Psi Intro

    hey man good luck pm me if you need anything
  14. 1 more til cerb

    dam nice