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  1. great job guys, sadly i wasn't one of the 50 but great pull today
  2. good luck man, if you need any help let me know
  3. its a glory that never runs out of charges
  4. just was recharging 4, was kinda trying to find something else so figured y not bring 4 glories and charge them while im up there lol
  5. 27.6m
  6. 27.6m was pretty funny i was just charged them and then as i was leaving i realized it was eternal and i was like wtf lol 1 in 25k
  7. dam i tried to stay up incase anything happened, but due to paintball earlier in the day and my fat ass self i was wiped. looked fun
  8. was fun thanks vr
  9. looked fun, no idea who they are though
  10. looked easy
  11. now ill probably start maging during p2p pk trips for the easy swap over
  12. dam looked easy
  13. amazing video man