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  1. Divine Forces Sunday GMT Sweep

    easy for df
  2. Divine Forces Thrilling Tuesday

    dam bank was made
  3. I am God

    hey man welcome
  4. Divine Forces Wednesday Revs Rumble

    good job guys
  5. Divine Forces Tasteful Tuesday Peekay

    looked easy what client is that with the squares under ea clan mate guessing rune lite?
  6. jareds intro

    was in there like 7 years prior to joining df, its really just hanging with old time members doing events here and there
  7. jareds intro

    hey buddy
  8. jareds intro

    was in wg prior to joining df wanted a bigger pvp scene. and I rejoined wg not sure 8ish months ago they are officially a community clan now
  9. jareds intro

    whats the new cc? and waiting on email from irc to confirm my irc acct. and hey sugar how you been?
  10. Divine Forces Savory Sunday

    looked easy
  11. jareds intro

    1. Real life/preferred name: Jared Spurr 2. Display name: wg jared jr 3. Previous names & aliases: way to many to list df p4pb was the one I went by while I was in df 4. About yourself: 29 years old with a wife and a 4 year old. into street racing and paintball in my free time 5. Clan history: most recent wilderness guardians, vanguard divine forces 6. Where did you hear about DF? known about yall for a while true got me to join last time, a friend brought up yalls name and missed the times I had in here 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: not sure whos still here but know most staff from last time I was in 8. Reason for introduction: wanted to hang around the community and see where it goes =) 9. Additional comments: hope all is well with everyone
  12. Divine Forces Late Night PK

    looks easy
  13. Ethereum/Bitcoin

    i always wanted to invest in something no idea what or really how to get started to be honest
  14. Dukes of GMT: Not just a clan, a family

    looked like fun gratz guys
  15. like ross asked me to do

    i was fa and applied for full member, going to re intro on monday. trust me that rank isn't my decision i loved every second here