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  1. DF vs WM 8/20/18

    Love a good WM suicide mage
  2. 60 days later

    Why do those names look like they're painted on it afterwards
  3. I'm really good at clicking quite fast

    Gratz! Annoying but most efficient way to do fletching! Wrist still hurts thinking about it
  4. Woke up for this

    G homie
  5. Time to reopen Transcendence and go full circle
  6. Just under a week ago we decided to host a PVM Bingo for all people in and around Divine Forces. We decided to give out prices to the first 3 players who would complete one and two rows and people who would get their whole card ticked off. Yesterday Ekstra was the third person to finish his card and thus ending the competition since no more prices can be won. Thanks for playing, hope you all got something worth for your efforts . PM me to collect ur prices. First 3 people to complete 1 row: Sutty Bob Kelso Alice First 3 people to complete 2 rows: Sutty Alice Bob Kelso First 3 people to complete their cards: Alice Manjep Ekstra Noteable Drops from past few days can be found below:
  7. Thanks for the battles lads. Enjoyed em See you next time
  8. vintaj

    gf bald clans
  9. Pking On The Iron

    Love a good ironman pk
  10. Are traps gay?