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  1. 92 herb

    Decent work, keep it up
  2. Divine Forces Sunday PK

    Easy sweep, TY
  3. Hilt

    Yay money 52.5 ea No flame @ kc
  4. Base 80s

    Good work
  5. I'm 99 Slay

    2018 lul Gratz!
  6. 91 Herb

  7. 99 Hunter

    Nice work (y)
  8. Herbi!!@!@!

    Decent KC tbh
  9. 99 crafting

    Good work Kuli
  10. Ghrazi Rapier

    I love money
  11. Baby Chinchompa!!!

    Pretty embarrasing @Ekstra Gratz bob!
  12. playing for a couple days again

    Lilchris still typing in all caps... Gratz! Pretty lucky
  13. 4th 99 btw

    Decent work lad
  14. team player pengy

    Demn super attacks tho
  15. Prayer book completed (4th drop) btw

    4 on 54 sounds about right tbh! Gratz!
  16. XXXtentacion dead

    Who the fuck is xxxtentacion. Though this was a porn video at first
  17. 2nd drop

    Easy money
  18. 97 crafting

    Big black d'hide body spender Gratz
  19. Rich beyond wildest dreams

    Congrats on finally breaking even Ross
  20. Justsicsiarar thingy

    Juicy 24m split
  21. ok fine

    That triple post tho Gratz!