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  1. xd guys

    Hello old person
  2. West europe

    I remember your name from fighting brut a few times. Welcome
  3. Sapers Intro

    What are these slideshow vids? LOL Welcome bud
  4. Boxa Community Intro

    You share the leader position with Felpex then I'm assuming?
  5. "You're like 40 Farming"

    Gratz on 59 farm
  6. Dinh's Bulwark

    Not really the items I'm looking for but whatever..
  7. Eruption of Mains!

    Always knew u were a pedo
  8. More raid

    Wombat made me work for this one after he "forgot" water spells lol
  9. Dinh's Bulwark

    Nothing I don't split
  10. DMM final plottwist

    Another DMM, another blunder..

    Happy birthday penguin
  12. Aids raid = loot

    (yes I forgot dwh) Thanks for dieing 3 times Simon (god I hate aussies) and making us all lose points, Jonas for forgetting water spells and Jim for being Jim. Havik for the moral support and missing out on a dragon harpoon for his dragon harpoon only ironman
  13. Divine Forces vs Vintage

    Cheers Vintage, was fun
  14. Divine Forces Killing Players

    All sik pks, TY clanworld
  15. Skotizo pet!

    I forgot my dwh waahhhhh
  16. Zybez Winter Tournament!

    Can u get a haircut lol
  17. Mobile

    Can afk at work nice