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  1. New automobile

    Very nice
  2. Rev Cave Nerf!

    They needed a nerf but this big of a nerf is questionable
  3. Wanted this since 2k06

    Very good
  4. George felt it in his loins

    Free money
  5. Posting on forums as requested

    Very good
  6. 99 Pray

    Very good
  7. EASY

  8. 99 Farming

    Very good
  9. Helpuppy on my ironman lmfao (btw)

    Still no prims rip..
  10. BOTTOM

    That bgs tho
  11. Divine Forces Friday Fun

    G looked easy
  12. Divine Forces Revenant Swan Song

    Rev caves not dead yet pogchamp
  13. 92 Farm

    Very good
  14. 99 Smithing

    Thanks for the inviteee
  15. 16th 99

  16. Money dragon

    What the fuck LOL
  17. [Accepted]Seb's intro

    Welcome buddy
  18. Ancient Obelisk

    Decent, good thing ancient crystals crashed
  19. chef

    Very good
  20. Got some decent head(s)

    Lucky to get kq head this early on
  21. Ely spikes

    Rev caves are adding another 9-11T gp/year if it stays this popular. Ely spikes are just due to more people buying than selling and some dumbass ends up buying ely for 900m. No updates in past x months were good for ely though we're still living in a DPS game.