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  1. in case you guys were wondering

    holy shit america #1 regGAY boyz didnt stand a chance mexico couldnt even make it to the final due to extremely high competition in this rigorous tournament get on our level pussy bitches WORLD CUP NEXT SEE U IN RUSSIA
  2. Trump / Jeff Sessions

    "after this"
  3. I'm just glad meaningful use is likely going away
  4. ~~ the fam ~~ (TM) preparing for the GoT premiere by dying repeatedly in the wild
  5. How do you like your steak?

    medium well to well done
  6. forgot to add the [NFSW] tag to this savagery
  7. HELLO

    yo dude, if there's any advice I can give you it's to ignore whatever Homedawg says
  8. hi

    didn't enjoy collision? sorry it's a no from me then
  9. Tims Ehhh

    hey sexy
  10. Divine Forces vs Ruin

    thanks for the rounds
  11. free my nigga adam