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  1. So I was doing slayer and killing chaos fanatic, when I saw a white dot rush in and he had 1 item... So I bailed west and I saw a loot pile Right clicked saw black mask... i picked that shit up real quick! Here is the result! Ig its hard to see what he says but basically hes begging for his mask back tryin to tell me that because i'm 126 he needs the money more
  2. was easiest fight ive had in awhile
  3. put more effort into your intro
  4. how much profit?
  5. gz fellow chris
  6. ur going to get cleaned again
  7. tits
  8. good luck man, hope u get in!
  9. Finally got that tbow!!!
  10. na we aren't a 3rd world country
  11. sup hoang
  12. nice bro we can be skoto buddies now!
  13. cool, loot was made it seems