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  1. Hello again

    hahahahaha du husker forsatt benzin
  2. Hello again

    love u 2 bby
  3. Hello again

    lmaao u still 14 little chinese kid? 1v1 me right now
  4. Hello again

    1. Real life/preferred name: Mosta 2. Display name: FSK Sharmota 3. Previous names & aliases: Smi6, Fsk Sharmota 4. About yourself: 21 year old Palestinian born in Norway, Love playing fotball, studying nutrition and public health. 5. Clan history: Norwegian clans, Solace, Forsaken, Divine forces, Forsaken. in that order. 6. Where did you hear about DF? Joined df for a couple of months 2 years ago or somethin 7. Do you know anyone in DF? List them: im sure i know many of you, not sure if everyone i knew is still here. 8. Reason for introduction: thinkin about getting back into the rs clannin community. 9. Additional comments:
  5. Yo

    nigga, the army is good, boring sometimes but it works out for me haha
  6. Yo

    ye bro, let me text some pengtings on my whatsapp and my iphone too, you want brown skinned girls or the white ones too?
  7. Yo

    ye you boom ting, hows life road man
  8. Yo

    Real life name: Moustafaaaa Age: 20 Original & current RSN: Smi6 , currently Fsk Sharmota Clan history: Solace Forsaken Divine Forces Forsaken (currently a retired member) Interests & Hobbies: Enjoy football, hanging out with friends, lifting, and shooting with rifles and such Reason for introduction: just to say hi, im trying to get back to the rs community, sometimes its hard, because of the army, but ill get 2-3 hours a day to browse forums and such. Where did you hear about us from?: From wars Anything else? nothing really, just here to say hi, and catch up with the old and new members of this clan
  9. 125

  10. Clash of FA's

    everyone knows who i am, ask ur mom retard
  11. Clash of FA's

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  12. What tilts you irl?

    autististic people in the military
  13. What places do you really want to visit?

    Italy or Australia