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    Real life name: Sakke Original & current RSN: Stere0mogga Clan history: Clans: Bodom of Finland: 2007 - 2010/11 Northern Gods: 2008 - 2013 Future Of Old Style: 2013 - 2015/16 Divine Forces: 2010-2017 Teams: Euphoria Cheer Up Descent Flip Flops Elusive Who are your 10 referrals? - @Murray - @Jelle - @Sugar - @IMK - @Pengy - @Chronicflame - @Sem - @Korneel - - Are you willing to be active on our forums? Yes Why do you wish to be closer to our community? DF was my home for around 7 years before I had to take a break from the game, was almost like 2nd family to me before things went downhill, not to mention that I´ve always liked the people in DF and atmosphere in this clan has always been positive and cheerful. And now when I'm slowly getting back into rs I want to get closer to this community even if most of you already know me. Do you use our IRC or TS? If not, why? I use both of em Anything else?
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