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  1. "Who Remembers When"

    Don't lie to us, Saber six is you favorite girl that has been in DF :kwak:
  2. "Who Remembers When"

    Or Pokersboys, those were the days....
  3. New purchase

    Welcome to the Audi club @Jelle, Im happy that you were able to make the right decision
  4. New purchase

  5. Who in/around DF have you known the longest?

    My bad, don't take it too seriously
  6. Who in/around DF have you known the longest?

    In DF - True / Ross / Omni /Chronic / Jelle / Sutty / Sem / Imk / Bahb Around DF - Dennisbruv / Dalejames / Jake / Havik / Murdock / K-11 / Bob_Kelso / Rinus Known these people ever since I joined in DF in the late of 2k10. Known Sem & Jelle even longer via GMT clan scene though Ps. Sorry if missing some names that been here since 2k10