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  1. Just another quick poll about poker

    You are raiding 24/7 so pretty sure you have the 1m for the pot.. Not to mention that you'd be able to raid while playing it
  2. Just another quick poll about poker

    Atleast you would have better chances to win something there than at the duel arena
  3. Just another quick poll about poker

    So just checking if we would have enough people for poker tournament since we havent had one for a while now, used to have these atleast 1/month.
  4. So basically 18-year-old Moroccan man decided to go full rampage with knife and killed 2 people and injured several others before police managed to take him down...
  5. Divine Forces celebrates 12 years

    Happy Birthday DF
  6. Divine Forces Tuesday PK

    Easy as always
  7. Choose 1 combo

    White ftw
  8. I admitted that 30min is impossible but 40-45mins is in the limits ( one finnish kid did that quest in ~45mins )
  9. saunas

    Pretty sure that like 99% of the people in Finland goes fully naked to Sauna, and I'm not an exception.
  10. Divine Forces vs Vitality

    Thanks for the fight Vitality
  11. Divine Forces RSB Vintage

    Thanks for the fight Vintage
  12. Thanks for the fight CT