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  1. good shit man!!
  2. Crazy shitt!
  3. Now i can never unsee this...
  4. None I play league instead lol Jk woodcuttings chill I guess. Anything afkable for me
  5. yooo real question is whats ur rank on league lol
  6. Nice congrats man! #beasttt
  7. Yoooo welcome man! I'm into league as well! Add me on league bro: Havocx
  8. Lmfao wtf!
  9. Dex

    Wow nice!
  10. What's up Kev! Welcome to the forums!
  11. Hey what's up man! #hatersgonnahate lol community intro vid please
  12. Sleep is for the weak! lol jk nice nice did u regret staying up the day after? Lol