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  1. First 99 and more

    Nice work dude!
  2. Heron

    thats awesome! haha gratsss
  3. Dex FFA

  4. Divine Forces vs Ruin

    nice job fellas!
  5. Loot from 2,000 herb boxes

    the dedication u put into doing this.. lol nice job man! #gains!
  6. Hi (stfu Korneel)

    yo welcome!
  7. big gains on runescape

    nice job!
  8. Do you eat healthy?

    does it count if i try to eat healthy? or think about doing it? lol I end up with chips twinkies and ur burger tho..
  9. are you your parent's golden child?

    Can't compete wit my brother.. not even close!
  10. 99 Attack and 120 Combat level!

    gonna catch u n pass u! lol
  11. Slowly but surely getting the training done!
  12. Remember the name! --- Archer Rod

    whats up man